25 Deer Tattoos For Men And Women

Deer Tattoos For Men And Women deer-tattoo-on-foot-for-girls

Jagermeister Tattoo

Not only does this tattoo showcase one of the most popular forms of alcohol in the world (Jager Bombs anyone?) but it also has a deer in it. So, in a sense, you get the best of both worlds. This probably isn’t a good tattoo for you though if you’re not a fan of Jager Bombs.


Classic Deer Tattoo

This is a very classic deer tattoo in the sense that it’s very plain, simple, and straight to the point. That’s not necessarily bad though (if it was, we wouldn’t put it on the list) as that may be what you’re into. We included it so we would have a little bit of variety on the list.


Deer Skull

What list of deer tattoos would be completed without showing off a deer skull? None! We also think this is the perfect spot to get a deer skull tattoo on. After all, most other areas of the body wouldn’t be nearly big enough to play home to a tattoo such as this one.

Pretty Deer Portrait

This is a very pretty deer tattoo that could be considered a portrait or it could be straight from the artist’s brain. Either way, this tattoo has a new fan and it is us. What about you? Do you like this tattoo or no? Either way, you have to admit that it’s very well done.


Unique Deer Tattoo

Like always, we decided to save the best for last. We’re not quite sure what we’re looking at when we stare at this tattoo but one thing is for certain. It’s unique and we like that! We have a decent idea of what this tattoo means but we won’t guess. We’ll leave that up to you and hopefully, you come up with something really creative for this amazing tattoo.



And that concludes our list of 25 Deer Tattoos For Men. Sure, these tattoos could go both ways (women could get them as well) but we wanted this list to be geared towards men only. We may do one in the future for women as well but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Of course, if you’d like to see a list of Deer Tattoos For Women, let us know! If enough people ask us for it, we will eventually deliver it. Also, be sure to share this list!



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