30 Daggers or Knives Tattoo Designs

Tattoos that feature daggers or knives in them have a lot of meanings right from direct meanings to mysterious and cryptic ones. It is a fact that daggers in all forms and sizes have been featured in many stories, incidents and anecdotes from the past. As far as being a part of a tattoo motif is concerned a dagger can be drawn on its own or in combination with other objects.

knife or draggr tattoo (29)

knife or draggr tattoo (30)

knife or draggr tattoo (24)

knife or draggr tattoo (21)

knife or draggr tattoo (18)

With an object that is so interesting, the possibilities of designs for body art featuring the dagger are endless. This shows in the choice you have as far as a tattoo design with a dagger in them goes. The fact is that the dagger as a subject for art is so fascinating that artists have come up with many creative designs with them. Since the dagger design is almost always drawn with some other objects like flowers, fruits, heart symbol, skulls, mythological creatures like the dragon, feathers etc.

knife or draggr tattoo (26)

knife or draggr tattoo (7)

knife or draggr tattoo (13)

Like the dagger itself which carried many meanings and uses, dagger tattoos can also mean many things. For instance daggers have been worn for decoration, daggers are used to attack others and defend oneself. Daggers have also been part of many ceremonies, celebrations and sacrifices. Over the years past many different cultures have used the dagger in many ways that have meant a lot of things.

knife or draggr tattoo (4)

knife or draggr tattoo (25)

Since the dagger is one such symbol whose meaning depends on the usage. For instance the carrier of a dagger could be simply carrying it to protect herself or it could be a weapon of survival when out in the wild. When carried by a warrior it shows his/her fighting spirit, courage and skills at attacking and defending. It could also be a symbol of independence as the person who wields it feels self sufficient having armed himself/herself.

knife or draggr tattoo (11)

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  1. Trying to find a pattern for my wife’s calf – two hearts with a Naval officer’s sword through it – an American Flag draped over it that will have the names, birth & death dates of her parents – the tattoo is to start on the 8th so any assistance will truly be appreciated


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