30 Tattoos Featuring Squid Or Octopus in Designs

Creatures from the deep blue sea have their own appeal as they have an aura of mystery and the unknown surrounding them. Leading the pack in such themes or designs is the octopus or the squid. The thing about octopus is that most of us do not much about these creatures, but still hold a certain cachet. The tattoo designs featuring octopus or squid are sought after by men as well as women. Plus the unique body and look of the octopus lends itself to being made in many sizes, designs and colors. This makes it very adaptable for any location you want on the body.

octopus tattoo design (30)

octopus tattoo design (25)

octopus tattoo design (18)

octopus tattoo design (11)

We will be taking through the design options featuring the octopus, so that you have an idea about what is out there and what you can come up with for yourself. The way an octopus is shaped makes it a interesting design element. This design feature is used by most people for one or the other purpose. One being for the visual impact and another for the symbolism of this design. If you can combine both then you have a winner.

octopus tattoo design (31)

octopus tattoo design (26)

octopus tattoo design (23)

Some of the designs will be so intricately made that you will be amazed at how much work goes into the making of such tattoos. Since you cannot have two identical designs of the octopus, getting a unique design becomes a bigger possibility.

octopus tattoo design (21)

octopus tattoo design (20)

octopus tattoo design (19)

There are some things that need clarity here; tattoos based on squid and octopus are basically the same. To some people it is a squid and some it is octopus. This creature the unique looking octopus has fascinating stories woven around it. One of the famous stories about the squid in kraken, who was supposed to be huge and beset ships in the sea. The sightings of huge looking octopus have been mentioned over time. Given the tales around this creature, some people may opt out for a tattoo showing the octopus attacking a ship.

octopus tattoo design (32)

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