30 Ordinary Tattoos With An Extraordinary Twist

We will look at some of the most amazing and interesting collections of tattoo designs in this article. Tattoos are such an incredible way to create a lasting work of art on your body for the world to see. Or if you so desire, just for you to see! This array of body art will give you an idea of how to create variations from several types of tattoos and provide inspiration for the kind of design you want for yourself. Pick out the ones you love and start designing your dream art.

The beauty of art is that you can take something that is ordinary and turn it into an extraordinary expression. Art is a release of the inner self and allows others to join you on your journey of self expression. We love these tattoos in particular because they unleash typical tattoos and take them to the next level through beautiful imagery, vibrant colors and an expertise that is beautiful and skillfully done.

1. The blue and red in this tattoo really brings out the crow and beauty within the black details. It looks as if you could pluck the feathers off of the crow with the amount of amazing detail that is in every single part of this piece. The fact that this tattoo looks like a piece of artwork looks speaks volumes of the skill of the artist. These ravens are flying into an ornate gate with inscriptions and it’s really cool the way the artist brought the ravens to life through the shading and detail. The contrast in color and imagery really makes for a unique design that is both original and appealing to the eye.

1-Typical Tattoo Designs

2. The third eye with an intricate design around it makes for quite an interesting piece. This guys chest piece has so many aspects of artistic expression that its amazing. The straight lines going across the chest onto the arm really set him up for more ink on the other arm. The all seeing eye in the middle of the tattoo is bolder that the surrounding pieces of the tattoo and really stands out. We love how it looks like the ink is dripping down his chest, it really creates movement and fluidity to the tattoo. Notice he didn’t ink past his wrist. This is a great way to be able to have a lot of work done and not have to worry about covering it up for work. A long sleeve shirt will easily take care of that.


2-Typical Tattoo Designs
3. A beautiful version of the earth along with an inscription. This tattoo is extremely creative and abstract. Its a beautiful expression of creativity. The way that the negative space is used within the script is beautiful and original. Behind the tattoo the background looks like a mixture of watercolors and brushstrokes.

3-Typical Tattoo Designs

4. A pair of lips saying something inspiring. The red lips are filled with realistic detail. It looks like the light is shining right on the lips. The teeth are able to pop out and grab your attention by the subtle and small amount of black ink in the mouth as well. The watercolor like background accents the dark lines surrounding the center of the tattoo and brings the whole thing together. Encouraging quotes give a small positive reminder to be kind always.

4-Typical Tattoo Designs

5. A pair of birds on each arm reaching out for the other. The subtle color and use of black and grey really draw your eye to this tattoo. The perfectly placed amounts of teal allows you to truly appreciate the detail within the birds that are reaching out to each other.

5-Typical Tattoo Designs

6. Medical men in a hat looking down while a lady stands nearby. This tattoo should be in a gallery. The way that the two figures were tattooed makes it look like it was painted on his arm. The outlines on this piece are hardly noticeable and the clouds in the background gives this artistic tattoo life.

6-Typical Tattoo Designs

7. A beautiful butterfly set as a chest piece on this canvas has such a dramatic and powerful feel. This butterfly would have taken quite some time. As it takes up his whole chest and with the amount of time it would have take to ink in every part of the perfectly symmetrical wings, Its safe to assume that this piece took more than one sitting.

7-Typical Tattoo Designs

8. A bird carrying something in its talons creates such an interesting depiction of the world and the way it works. This is an extremely complex and beautiful tattoo. If you look closely at the tattoo on the ribs, the lines would line up perfectly with the lines on the arm located in the light blue area. this tattoo is one piece separated into two. Its really hard to do this type of tattoo right and well, and this artist and canvas did a spectacular job. The slight shadows and meticulous detailing makes it look as if that bird will fly off of that guys arm any minute.

8-Typical Tattoo Designs

9. Two skulls on each other like a Venn diagram is an interesting choice of imagery. What do you think it represents? At first you may think that you are seeing things or that your vision is a little off, but don’t worry. This original tattoo Is simple with a twist of awe. the connecting venn diagram like skulls are placed in a pretty painful area but the outcome was worth it.

9-Typical Tattoo Designs

10. Butterfly flying towards the sun as if it’s on a journey that only it knows about. Butterflies often symbolize transformation and renewal, so I’m sure their is a great story and meaning behind this piece. The abstract shapes overlapping the entire tattoo really brought it to another level or creativity and artistic expression. The dark shading around the outside of the wings and the slight and detailed grey shading on the inside of the wings brings the butterfly to life.

10-Typical Tattoo Designs

11. Fascinating pieces of mosaic disintegrating and falling down extending from his thigh to his ankle.The way that this tattoo displays movement throughout the leg allows the person looking at it to feel moved themselves. the bright orange is a great background setting for the grey and dark shaded pieces as the swiftly move among that tattoo.

11-Typical Tattoo Designs

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