35 Best Horse Tattoo Design Ideas

If you love horses and like to spend time on them and with them, then you know how great it can be. Horses are not only magnificent to look at, there is a sense of immense power in them and they embody graceful movement. Even if you are not into horse riding or other equine sports, a horse can be something that fascinates you. Considering the immensely passionate responses that horses bring forth from even those people who do not actively interact with these majestic and beautiful equine creatures, it is hardly a surprise that horses feature in many tattoo designs.

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People tend to show their love, fascination and wonder of horses by getting them inked on their body. This way their love and passion for horses is there for all to see and plus it is also a lifetime commitment. It definitely helps that horses are a subject that can easily be adapted to be made as a tattoo design. You can not only go for realistic looking tattoos of horses but you can also pick from fantasy based designs featuring this fabulous equines.

Horse Tattoo Design

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Another thing about a horse based tattoo motif is that they can be used by themselves or can be amalgamated as part of a bigger design. Horses can be drawn in lonely splendor or as part of a group of other horses. They can be shone grazing peacefully on a pasture or racing competitively on the track. This can create a really great visual impact.

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Horse head tattoo motif: The head of a horse can look very attractive with the beautiful mane along with the particularly attractive look eyes. The flair of the nostrils, the movement of the ears along with the mouth complete the total picture. This can look good on the arm where it will be visible most of the time. You can go with the head of a horse that you are particularly fond of.

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  1. I am looking to get a cover up and I want it to incorporate auto mechanics with horses and my daughter’s name in it. It would be on the outside of my right calf and it pretty much takes up the whole lower part of my leg. Is this something that can be accomplished?


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