75 Cute and Sexy Dragonfly Tattoo Designs

The dragonfly tattoo design offers an interesting blend of appeal to any tattoo. The dragonfly epitomizes many different things from a cultural aspect, making it very symbolic when drawn properly. Since the 90s, dragonfly tattoos have become popular amongst woman, especially those that a more independent and liberal than what society often depicts women to be. Even though this type of design element is considered more of a female’s choice, men also have been known to get dragonfly tattoos with darker color schemes added to larger tattoo designs as well.

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Once we take a look at the dragonfly per se, we will be closer to understanding its symbolic value. The life of this insect begins in water with the female laying numerous eggs in stagnant water. It is born in water after which a dragonfly gets wings to start flying. This makes dragonfly a symbol of fertility as well as an insect that moves in water, air and land. You may see this design element drawn into memorial tattoos on parents that have lost a child, or women that have have broken away from abusive relationships.

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In nature, the dragonfly is mostly linked with butterflies, as both of these creatures transform dramatically into evolved lifeforms that have the ability to fly. Both creatures are very colorful and picturesque to look at, however the dragonfly has a more elongated body that protrudes outward from the wings. Among Native Americans, the dragonfly was looked upon with reverence as they believed that the dragonfly protected and oversaw everyone in the tribe. They believed that the dragonfly could hold on to the souls of those who passed away.

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Japanese considered the dragonfly a symbol of gaiety. Asians believe that the dragonfly is about change and metamorphosis. Among the Navajo it was believed that the dragonfly represented water that is pure and unsullied. Among Americans the dragonfly was a sign of survival over hardship and losses.

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