101 Meaningful Wolf Tattoo Designs

The tattoos featuring the wolf in their design are not only picturesque to look at but also have several symbolic meanings. There is a huge number of wolf based designs depending on what emotion and symbolism that you wish your tattoo to project. Since the wolf has been associated with both negative and positive forces the wolf tattoos have both good and evil connotations.


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Much of the time tattoos are displayed in open surfaces of the body for authentic display and expression of the obvious. A wolf tattoo at the back has a lot more to do with spirituality or an important secrete.

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Some of the things that wolf tattoos mean include the act of devotion, maleness, success, victory, secrecy, bravery, smartness, dark forces, the devil, fierceness, bonds of the family, being powerful and cleverness. Many associate the wolf with being loyal as it is a known fact that wolves move and live in packs. There is an order and hierarchy where the wolves are devoted to the alpha male. They are known to die and sacrifice many things while protecting the pack. The younger wolves are firmly and lovingly taken care off by the father and mother wolf. What is more wolves also mate for life. Many people chose the wolf tattoo for these very reasons. Some people go with multiple wolves in their tattoo design to denote family.

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Strengths associated with wolf tattoos

One can choose to show where he or she draws strength from their body, the choice may be driven by the nature of sports or activity one is involved in and by tapping the site gets to draw some more strength and so chooses to embed a wolf tattoo there.

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Sometimes a wolf can be about affection and love by having two wolves in a tattoo. With such tattoos the wolves have a loving and gentle expression on their faces. Some try to make it look cuter by adding other romantic symbols or even the name of their loved ones. Another popular motif is depicting the wolf howling away at the moon. The werewolf is a concept that associates the wolf with a full moon where things are believed to take a turn for the worse.

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Get to notice me that is my humble appeal to my peers, that is what am asking through my up-sitting wolf tattoo.

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The many types of tattoo designs depicting wolves include the tribal wolf design, the native American depiction of the wolf, the skull and wolf motif, the icy looking wolf with blue eyes, the Celtic version of the wolf, the wolf resting head on paws and many other designs. Since there are many species of wolves the design possibilities are endless and offer much choice. In fact if you are not clear on the specific wolf tattoo design that you are looking for there is a likelihood that you will be confused.wolf tattoo designs (13)

This tattoo here depicts an inquisitive searching mind most likely with a lot of interest on the target. This means that it will need some level of intelligence to ensure that the target is hit with precision.

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Legends talk of the hunting prowess, the strength, the cleverness and the sheer sharpness of the wolf. This adds to the value of the wolf based tattoo designs. They are known for their survivor skills in the wilderness and harsh circumstances. There have been stories, legends and folklore that depict the wolf in many roles. The wolf has also been portrayed as the mate of Satan helping in giving birth of the Anti Christ.

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Aggressiveness is not the only thing around love life but it should also be captivating and a wolf head with a dragon like body with deer-like feet covering much part of the back is a good tattoo to express it all.


Common characters associated with wolf Tattoos

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Among Native Americans, the wolves are considered spiritual guides that appear in times of crisis to help and guide person. They are also part of totem poles that are considered sacred. The wolf is also associated with dreamcatchers and this is depicted in tattoo designs. Tattoos with wolves in them also incorporate other elements of nature like the forest, the moon and the forests.

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Wolves have got a way of sensing danger because of their ability to smell far. A wolf tattoo with inquisitive look explains it all.

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Wolves are territorial animals and abuse of the same by other packs may result into grave punishment by the territory owners. Therefore this wolf tattoo depicts the owner to have drawn the boundaries and intrusion may be offensive unless with permission or submission.

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Keeping all these factors in mind people go in for tattoos depicting the wolf for many purposes. Sadly people are drawn to the wolf motif due to the darker implications. The devil and the wolf are shown together or even with an evil look when it has darker  meanings. The wolves are also supposed to be a symbol of protection. People also go in for the Celtic based wolf designs. When you are thinking of getting a tattoo depicting the wolf, be sure to do some research not only in terms of design but also in terms of what it means to you.

Some other good examples of Meaningful Wolf Tattoo Designs are shown below:


Jungle experience is cool and serene, you only venture into the jungle when you know what you want. Once in the jungle you will easily catch intruders to your place and that is the essence of this wolf tattoo.

When precision of the mind is connected to that of the heart then success has to be realized and the only way to demonstrate this is by a straight ahead looking wolf tattoo on your chest.

To be a go-getter is not only a resolution of the mind but the hand must also be involved. therefore expressing this character with a cool wolf tattoo at the back of the hand is not an over emphasis.

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Life is about hunting and  wolves are good at it, I therefore  bow to hunt in  for what i want in my life and a tattoo of hunting wolves explains it best.

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