3D Tattoos That Will Shock and Amaze You!

There’s just no getting over the amazing realism that 3D tattoos can bring. With a talented artist on board, anything is possible! If you’re looking for a lifelike design to get inked, then you may find some inspiring stuff here. These tattoos are so lifelike that they will blow you away guaranteed!

It seems like in recent years, more, and more stuff is becoming 3D, from movies, to 3D printers, and now tattoos. This latest trend creates nothing short of astounding work. Tattoos that are designed to appear 3D are being praised for the detail, and artistic vision that goes into each and every one. With so many people getting tattoos in memory of loved ones, teams, or a special place or time, 3D tattoos are providing those interested with the chance to remember in even more detailed, and life than ever before. These tattoos will likely shock and awe you as you view the beauty and amazing detail that can be found in each one.

1. Pitbull Back Piece

3d 41

For years, people have been getting tattoos to honor someone who has passed. Someone who has impacted their lives so tremendously, and deeply that their loss never fully heals. The loss of a pet truly is one of those losses. Having to say goodbye to your best friend, a friend that has been there through both the good, and the bad times, without hesitation, is an extremely difficult, and heart breaking thing to do. Many people are turning to 3D tattoos to capture the most life like version of their friend possible.

2. Elephant


Why not use the impact that a 3D tattoo makes to make a true statement? If you are passionate about animal rights, or a specific endangered species, why not take advantage of these beautiful pieces, and share the beauty of these animals with everyone you meet? You can also shine a light on why you are so passionate about the animal that you had tattooed on you in the first place.

3. Bio-mechanical

3d 31

Paying homage to some of our favorite things is an extremely popular reason why people get the tattoos that they do. Why not create a whimsical design of your loves, and interests, and have it brought to life. Being able to show as much detail as possible, and have an impressively lifelike image created. This tattoo encompasses many things creating a mixture of biological and mechanical things.

4.  Stone

3d 42

This back piece appears to be comprised of stone and possibly a silver or pewter. The amount of detail in this back piece would have taken hours to create and perhaps there is a passion hidden in the ink of this master piece that we simply don’t know about.

5.  Lizard


Anyone would think this orange and black gecko was alive if they didn’t know any better. 3D tattoos create the awe inspiring illusion that something is there when it is only an image and requires a lot of talent to perform such amazing works of art.

6.  Nails


Ouch! Those nails in this man’s collar bone look painful, and completely realistic thanks to the amazing shading.

7.  Ankle Bows


Bows are always popular with women, however these bows take it one step further to add a bit of personalized fashion to this woman’s ankle. Now no matter what shoes she wears she can enjoy a touch of elegance.

8.  Clawed


This tattoo will likely receive a creepy vibe as it almost seems it is trying to claw its way out of the skin. The 3D effect of this tattoo is thanks to the level of extreme detail that was used to create the hand as well as the shading used to make it appear to be clawing across the skin.

9.  Dragonfly


Dragonfly tattoos have seen popularity on and off, but never in this much detail. The fast flying insects are the perfect tattoo for anyone who wants something to stand off the skin in vibrant colors.

10.  Eye


Some find tattoos of eyes to be a big mistake, no matter how cool they are. However the amazing detail in this 3D eye can provide a chilling sensation to those around you and can even captivate an emotion that you wish to remember.

11.  Torn Birds in Flight


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