99 Tribal Tattoo Designs for Men & Women

The shoulder is often considered the most appropriate place for wearing tribal tattoos especially by men. The tribal tattoo design below is a great work of art and can be perceived as a symbol of power. Tribal tattoos designs in most cases combine some element of traditional or cultural features with modern themes.

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We are not trying to scare you here, but telling you that you need to be more familiar with the guy who is going to be working on your body. You need to know that the process is going to be made as safe as possible.

Now that you have picked the tattooist you want, you need to focus on the art you want done. Maybe you are the kind who knows exactly what they want or maybe you have no idea whatsoever. In any case you need a design for that tattoo. Either pick one from what the tattoo artist shows you or do your research so that you can show him what you want.

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Tribal tattoos have a way of enhancing a man’s masculinity especially when worn on the visible body parts. Having celebrities wear specific designs creates more interest in the specific tribal tattoo design just like the one below communicating some element of bravery, confidence and power.

Tribal Tattoos-Dwayne Johnson

The tribal tattoo design below is just a statement on its own. The tattoo design has covered the entire shoulder and arm creating a picture of someone who’s focused, determined, powerful and brave.

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Most of us now rely on the internet to give us inputs and this means you will be led to a site that offers you designs that are free. Obviously there is no such thing as absolutely free; so the site may be trying to sell you something and most probably the designs there are also simply taken from somewhere else.

If you are the kind you wants something that no one else has in terms of the design then you are wasting your time looking at free tattoo design sites. You can actually spend a little money and get a professionally rendered design from one of the expert sites. The best part is it will be unique!  This way you can show off your tattoo with pride secure in the knowledge that nobody else has something quite like it.

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Tribal tattoos refer to the traditional tattoo styles used in the Polynesian and other cultures. The uniqueness of the tribal tattoos is influenced by these traditional cultures where thick lines and geometric patterns were commonly used.The tribal tattoo design below is a mix of the traditional styles that’s well combined with other modern features and themes.

tribal tattoo designs for arms (41)

Tribal tattoos were also used to express a specific religious belief or as a sign that you belong to a specific social group. Though the tattoo below have some features common with the traditional tribal tattoo designs, it has been well combined with the modern features making it look more elegant and complex.

tribal tattoo designs for arms (39)

Of course, picking the right design is a process that is going to take up a lot of time. But it is time that is well spent. As you delve deeper you will get to some sites that do offer good designs as well as some that don’t make the mark. But remember one thing; if you have set your mind on an interesting tribal motif for your tattoo design, then you are better off focusing on site that specializes in such designs.

For a tattoo to work and for you to be happy with it, ensure that you have done an in depth study as it will be something that will please you long into the future, if you get it correct!

In this article, you’ll find impressive and unique Tribal Tattoo Designs For Arms.

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The Maori culture is deeply embedded with the art of tattooing and has greatly influenced many of the tribal tattoo designs being worn by many people today. Each tattoo according to the Maori culture had a life legend, some deep meaning the tattoo wearer had about the tattoo worn. The tribal tattoo below looks very smooth and sleek with a blend of color that combines quite well.

tribal tattoo designs for arms (2)

Simple and fabulous is the correct description for the tribal tattoo below. The thick black patterns show a great work of artistry and blends well with the body complexion.

tribal tattoo designs for arms (7)

The tribal tattoo below is just a great mix of color, theme, elements and features creating a whole mix of tribal tattoo design that’s eye-catching and quite magnificent.

tribal tattoo designs for arms (8)

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  1. Hi I’m not really an artist but I have a few designs that I did myself, think there pretty good, is there a way I can sell them ? If there good enough !

  2. I like the #12 tribal arm tattoo. Any way I could get the pattern for that. It’s cool the way it comes around the rib cage.


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