48 Inspirational Baby Tattoos for Parents

If you are looking for a tattoo that will represent your love of being a parent, then look no further than this article. You will find many ideas to inspire you with your next tattoo choice. This could be your first tattoo or your seventh; it doesn’t really matter. The choice to be inked has been made. Now all you have to do is figure out what to get that will most represent your role as a parent or how you feel about your child. The tattoo is permanent, so you want to make sure it’s something that you will really love.

It’s not just about picking a great design but a great artist as well. You don’t want someone botching up your epic tattoo choice. You want someone to take care of you and do the best job that they can, leaving you with something awesome at the end of it. Make sure they have lots of experience and talent sure doesn’t hurt. You can personalize your special tattoo so that it has great meaning to you for life. Below are 48 of the Best and Most Inspirational Baby Tattoos for Parents:

1. The Footprints

Footprints have always been a popular choice for parents. In this case, they have the name of their daughter surrounded by angel wings. Beautiful! I’m a big fan of angel wings, and this is a really great design choice.


2. The Portrait

Many people opt to have a photograph of their child tattooed onto their daughter. It’s a personal choice and one that some people like while others don’t. It’s up to you what kind of design will make you most happy.


3. Holding Hands

This design has a lot of detail which makes it gorgeous in design. The parent is holding the hand of their child; the child is grasping the finger tightly.


4. Unusual Decisions

This tattoo is certainly different; it’s placed in the perfect area to make it look like the girl’s panties are in fact the baby’s diaper. If you are looking for a tattoo with some humor to it, you might enjoy this one.


5. Prints

Another great example of a tattoo with hand and footprints. The name of the child is also part of the tattoo design.


6. Creepy Designs

This appears to be a design that has a mother and child together. That would be all well, and good except the lower half of the mother seems to be of another organism or metal device. If you are looking for unusual, then this is for you.


7. Breastfeeding

This tattoo shows the bond between the mother and the child. The child is breastfeeding while the mother looks down at her child with love.


8. Holding Your Child

A simple outline but it still gives an effective message. This child is loved by the mother as she holds him close to her.


9. Matching Prints

These footprints are matching one on each foot. It’s a great design as well as a popular one.


10. Taken From a Picture

This tattoo was taken from a picture and personalized. It was completed in the dot design that makes it a little more like a sketch drawing.


11. Multiple Children

If you have lots of children that you want to represent then get a tattoo that speaks for all of them instead of three different tattoos.


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