45 Rainbow Tattoos for the Colourful You

Rainbow tattoos are a great choice due to the sheer number of colors in them. You can not only have the rainbow tattooed on your body but also use the spectrum of colors on them to make up other designs. The possibilities are endless. Plus in the symbolic sense, a rainbow is something magical and represents the right mix of things that is reflective of life itself. Each hue in the colorful rainbow is something that holds a lot of meaning.

So you have the lovely prospect of using the rainbow itself in your tattoo design but also the choice of using the colors in other designs that you like. Below are some of the beautiful rainbow tattoo designs that you can get to look at before deciding on your ideal design.

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The types and possibilities of rainbow tattoos:

You can either pick a rainbow design for its awesome look or give it your own spin to make a profound statement. The important thing is that it holds a lot of significance for you and that it does not matter if others don’t get it.

Shooting star with rainbow tattoo:

Since both are unique and rare elements of the sky, it makes sense to have both as part of your tattoo design. You can create many variations to this design by moving the elements around.

rain bow tattoo (3)

Rainbow and Shooting Star Tattoo

Probably the most popular of rainbow tattoos is that of the combination of a shooting star and the rainbow, as seen below. There are a number of variations on the design, but this is the essence of it. The thing you have to ensure is that it works well together and the hues are vibrant.

Hello Kitty Rainbow Tattoo theme:

This one is cute and has a really adorable Hello Kitty figure with the fundamental magical colors of the rainbow. You can add all the colors of the rainbow to the Hello kitty figure or add it to the other elements like the clouds, the lollipops, the stars and the hearts.

rain bow tattoo (25)

Little Pony Rainbow Tattoo:

Again this one takes on the adorable Little Pony figure and makes it really come to life with the awesome colors of the rainbow. In this too, you can add other magical elements with the color theme of the rainbow to pull the whole design together.

rain bow tattoo (20)

Rainbow Brite Tattoo: Once again there is an inspiring tattoo design that uses the colors of the rainbow to make an eye catching and alluring tattoo design. The overall view of the tattoo will stand out due to the effective blending of the different elements.
Rainbow Tattoo with lightning: Lightning and rainbows remain things that continue to fascinate the child in us. Putting both together in the tattoo will really fill us with joy and also be visually stimulating. You can pull this tattoo design together by including the drops of rain and effective bolts of lightning along with the rainbow.

rain bow tattoo (19)

Rainbow Star Tattoo:

These are stars, the celestial elements that fascinate us with the colors of the rainbow which delights us. A delight in every sense of the world.

rain bow tattoo (14)

Butterfly Rainbow Tattoo:

Butterflies are ethereal creatures that come in brilliant colors and seem to exist for the sole reason of adding color and wonder to our lives. Likewise rainbows also do the same thing to our lives. Combining these two colorful and beautiful objects effectively, can give you a great tattoo design.

Rainbow Rose Tattoo:

A rose is something that we all look at and cannot help but feel the pang of joy in our hearts. It is an excellent idea to create a rose that has petals of colors that mirror the colors of the rainbow. By adding a tender and delicate aspect to it, one can really feel the impact of the beauty that this colorful rose has.

rain bow tattoo (7)
Rainbow tattoos are not only beautiful but are also quite fascinating and has a way of enhancing the overall outlook of the wearer. The rainbow tattoo design below looks cool on the lower back of the wearer.


Rainbow tattoos can be worn by both men and women depending on the features used alongside it especially if worn by men. The rainbow tattoo design below looks quite beautiful on the foot where it is worn.


Beautiful rainbow tattoo designs can be done using different colors just like the one below. The unique combination of colors and the elements makes the design to look quite eye catching and more appealing.


Rainbow tattoo designs are mostly preferred by women due to the aesthetic beauty of the designs. The gay and lesbian community also prefer using the symbol of the rainbow as a sense of pride for the community.


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