28 Cute Queen Bee Tattoo Designs for Women and Men

Bee tattoos are design elements that everyone likes, since they can make them look cute, mean, dangerous or harmless – all with a few strokes of the ink gun. This is one element in tattooing that can be drawn out in numerous ways, creating different effects, symbolism and of course background designs. While it can be used as a sole design element, showcasing the beauty of the bee that not many get to see up close, it is typically used to create detailed backgrounds for larger tattoos such as floral, pond or nature designs. People relate being busy and efficient to the bee thanks to age old saying, “Busy as a bee.” However, the bee is also used with the honey pot to create cute designs that may symbolize a person’s individual nature or habits.

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Many qualities and much significance has been attributed to the simple bumble bee. Once you have decided to get a bee tattoo then you can explore the symbolism that you want to attribute to your tattoo. In the earlier times it was believed that bees are sent from the heavens as they had the innate ability to find their way back home. This quality made them equate the bee to the soul and this made it a bad thing to kill a bee.

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Some view the bee as a sign of sexuality and fertility. Among Christians it was believed that the bee signified hope and also showed us the way of living together as a society. A study of bees would show us that they they do have many things to teach us regarding the social order of things. They have a strong work ethic, they believe in cleanliness and they have decided social hierarchy. This is why they were considered by the Mayans, an ancient civilization as the symbol of royalty. Can you imagine something so tiny having such an impact and so much significance?

However, many people opt to get queen bee tattoo designs to showcase their leadership qualities and other amazing attributes such as independence, seniority or their ability to make others cater to their every need!

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You can have your own thoughts on this tiny buzzing creature and have a tattoo designed accordingly. The design you choose would naturally be based on your personal preferences. The realistic looking tattoo designs showing the bee in its natural habitat or flying in a swarm has its own draw. It shows a group of tiny creatures getting together and working together for a common goal is so cute and so touching.

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