25 Bible Themed Tattoos

If something is important to a person following Christianity, then it is their holy book the Bible. It naturally follows that a person of this faith has the Bible in images or some of the biblical images in the form of a tattoo on their person.

Either way you go both can be really absorbing and if you include a scroll along with some pretty font looks great in a Bible Theme tattoo. Here are some examples of what some of the Bible verses will look like along with some images on the theme.

While scrolling the fonts and the images that are given here along with the symbol of God, you have a considerable amount of choices to suit you. You can either get the one you like directly from this collection or you can use your imagination and come up with your own version of the Bible theme tattoo.

Genesis The Bible Tattoo: This is probably the right way to get started on tattoo designs with this theme. A bible tattoo that has some of the opening words of the book: Genesis. This verse is dramatic and is quite significant for the people who believe and live by the Bible.

bible themed tattoo (7)
The bible tattoo with Ten Commandments:
This is yet another component of the bible that any devout Christian would know and is known to have been provided by the Almighty Himself. These are carved in stone and this tattoo manages to show them really well.

bible themed tattoo (18)
The bible theme psalms Scroll Tattoo:
This one is a really simple looking but elegant and effective in a language that looks really ancient. The font used here is really different and manages to carry the weight of the words that are given here.

bible themed tattoo
Another Bible theme Psalm Tattoo:
This one also works very well, especially the way the fonts are done to add a different and distinctive look. This goes well with the Bible motif on the whole.

The tattoo of Jesus: There is no doubt that the whole of Christianity of like Jesus Christ himself and using this in the theme of the Bible based tattoos. But the thing to remember in this tattoo is not to add too many elements so that each of the elements in the tattoo does not overwhelm each other.

The David and Goliath Tattoo: Is a really effective tattoo design that captures the central theme of the story where the tiny David overwhelms the massive Goliath. The look of the tattoo is very realistic and when you gaze at it, you expect the characters to walk off the tattoo and speak to you.

bible themed tattoo (11)

The little bit of blood that comes out of Goliath after David beheads him adds to the quite elegance of the whole tattoo.

Bible theme Tattoo from Book of Daniel: This tattoo works very well with the interesting images of the star along with the things that are part of the verse. An effective tattoo image.

The well-known verses of the Bible from the Book of Jeremiah: This seems to be one of the most often quoted verse from the Bible by Christians across the globe and seems to be like a beacon of light and hope when the darkness of despair seems to surround them.

As you can see the choices are numerous and there are many verses from the Bible as well as the appearance of the book itself in the form of a scroll along with other interesting elements that can make appealing Bible theme tattoos.

bible themed tattoo (1)

bible themed tattoo (5)

bible themed tattoo (6)

bible themed tattoo (8)

bible themed tattoo (9)

bible themed tattoo (10)

bible themed tattoo (12)

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