30 Supercool Bow Tattoo Designs

There are many types of a bow tattoo and they have become quite a hit in the tattoo world. As a woman if you are seeking to get a tattoo done, then one way to go would be the bow tattoo.

Why women should consider getting a bow tattoo: As the bow tie simply depicts the tying up of something, then pulled back and released, women may find this really symbolic as it points to the way women have been liberated in recent times. Sometimes even men go for this tattoo, especially those who have gone through a similar experience of suppression and release.

bow tattoo

In this article we will tell you about the choices you have with regards to design for bow tattoos and what they could mean. We hope by doing that we will be able to provide you inspiration for your own bow tattoo design.

What a bow tattoo means to women: A bow tattoo can be made to look really cute or decorative and they are quite in fashion. Some women go with a bow tattoo as it works with many of accessories that they like to wear. The size of the bow tattoo can vary depending where you want to get it. The most common areas for getting a bow tattoo are the wrist, the legs and the arms.

bow tattoo (1)
The meanings of bow tattoos.

The bow tattoo will carry a lot of symbolic value specific to the person who gets this tattoo. The meaning will naturally depend on what you feel about it and also the type of bow tattoo design that you are going with.

The most common meaning and symbolism that is associated with bow tattoos is about sharing and giving, the present time, female power, expertise, a hug, something to do with a gift of love.

bow tattoo (14)
Designs for Bow tattoos

You do have many alternatives when it comes designs of bow tattoos. You can choose to vary the size of the bow, the type of bow, the color of the bow and the shape of the bow. With so much choice at hand, you are free to customize something unique for yourself. Women tend to use colors that are bright like purple, red and pink. But the fact is that you could choose the color you want to make your own bow tattoo.

Bow tattoo with ribbon: Sometimes people go with the ribbon that is used for cancer along with the bow tattoo. Maybe they want to depict fighting and winning over cancer with this type of bow tattoo.

bow tattoo (15)

Bow tattoos with other symbols and components: As far as the addition of extra elements with a bow tattoo is concerned, you have plenty of choice. You can go for a cliche and add a heart or even a stone or any other symbol of luck like a shamrock or clover.

Bow tattoo designs that are sweet,  seductive and/or full of mysteries: You can mix up some elements to achieve any of the effects that we have mentioned in the topic above. It is up to your imagination to come up with a suitable design.

Things to keep in mind with regard to bow tattoos:

  • Do your research before getting the tattoo done. This way your tattoo will look good and mean a lot to you.
  • Always think before you ink. This is something that many of us forget, tattoos like diamonds are forever and need some deep thinking before proceeding into action.
  • Bow tattoos are considered to be decorative and thereby quite suitable for women.
  • But since they also have a lot of symbolic value,  do look around and find the one that appeals to you at all levels.

Here are some beautiful examples of Bow Tattoo :

bow tattoo (2)

bow tattoo (3)

bow tattoo (4)

bow tattoo (5)

bow tattoo (6)

bow tattoo (7)

bow tattoo (8)

bow tattoo (9)

bow tattoo (10)

bow tattoo (11)

bow tattoo (12)

bow tattoo (13)

bow tattoo (16)

bow tattoo (17)

bow tattoo (18)

bow tattoo (19)

bow tattoo (20)

bow tattoo (21)

bow tattoo (22)

bow tattoo (23)

bow tattoo (24)

bow tattoo (25)

bow tattoo (26)

bow tattoo (27)

bow tattoo (28)

bow tattoo (29)

bow tattoo (30)

bow tattoo (31)

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