69 Gorgeous Cherry Blossom Tattoo Ideas For Your Next Ink

If you are looking for a floral design that has some meaning to it then look no further than a cherry blossom tattoo as it is full of meaning. Not to mention that they are one of the most stunning flowers in the world. They are charming and unique a real eye-catching flower. The soft pinks and red hues that make them unique are truly beautiful. They are the kind of designs that are created because of their uniqueness.

The special part about a cherry blossom tattoo is that they are only around in the spring. You don’t get to see them very much because they are just there for one season. Many people get these tattoos because of the memories that they bring.

What is a Cherry Blossom?

The Cherry Blossom is widely known in Japan due to their many meanings. People get the cherry blossom tattoo because of the symbolism it represents. They are not only a national symbol for Japan, but they also have lots of festivals throughout the spring to celebrate the flower itself. Talk about amazing! There is symbolism involved with the flower as well as cultural meanings as well. The blossom is a symbol of love and joys, but not just that it’s about strengthening the human spirit and celebrating life in general. Because this beautiful flower only blooms in spring, it’s supposed to represent how fleeting life could be so everyone should live their life based on that fact.

The Meaning from a Male and Female Perspective

The cherry blossom tattoo isn’t just for women; they can be available for men as well. They certainly have strong feminine characteristics which are why women love them, but it’s not a tattoo idea that should be generalized. If you are a man and you want the same symbolism than the tattoo can be changed to represent a masculine idea. It depends on what the tattoo means to you no matter what other people think of it. If you want a tattoo that stands for something then that’s all that matters.

Male Perspective: You can add elements to a cherry blossom tattoo that makes it more masculine such as skulls, fire or designs that appear more masculine.

Female Perspective: Adding hearts or stars to a cherry blossom tattoo can make it more feminine as well. Many women add butterflies or flowers to it as well.

Cherry Blossoms Represent Femininity and Optimism

The light colors that are representative of the cherry blossom make it easier for women to attach to the design. There is symbolism behind the cherry blossom that many people believe that the design can make a man fall in love with a woman because of the power behind the flower. It’s because the flower is so beautiful that it leaves people in awe and they can’t help but stare at the design or flower itself for a long time. The cherry blossom is connected to emotions and love.

The flower itself represents new hope and new beginnings. Many people get the design because they need a fresh start in life and the blossom represents that. It’s about the courage you need to make a fresh start or come around to a new decision. It’s about optimism and being optimistic for a fresh start in life.

Cherry Blossoms Represent Morality and Religion

When it comes to religion or spiritualism, the cherry blossom is supposed to represent enlightenment. It’s all about standing up for what you believe and walking towards the light. It’s about not taking your life for granted and to live it based on the fact that life is short. Life is sweet and short, and the cherry blossom represents that life should be lived to the fullest and cherished. Not only that but it represents wisdom in your life. If you are facing challenges or life lessons, the cherry blossom can remind you that you can overcome anything in life. Nothing is too hard to get through. It’s about learning to deal with what happens in your life and getting through no matter what you face.

The lifespan of a cherry blossom is short. It blooms, flourishes as only this flower knows how to do and then it dies, often suddenly and unexpectedly. It only has one chance to lie, and then it disappears, which is why it represents life in general because life too can seem to be fleeting at times. There are so many meanings to the cherry blossom, and one of them is that you should always be humble and to protect life at all costs.

If you are looking for a cherry blossom tattoo, then you have come to the right place for plenty of ideas. Below are 69 Gorgeous Cherry Blossom Tattoo Ideas For Your Next Ink:

1. Cartoon Designs

A unique design of cartoon cherry blossoms. I love the little bee that creeps up on the flower.


2. Ribcage Tattoos

The cherry blossoms are a large tattoo that trails down the ribcage; they are beautiful.

3. Bright Colors

The cherry blossom tree is all about time and the colors on the tattoo are incredibly amazing.

4. Tiger Designs

There are cherry blossoms falling all around this beautiful tiger.

5. Chinese Lettering

You can add other elements to your cherry blossom tattoo to make it more original for you.

6. Flying Away

These cherry blossoms are bright and beautiful. If you look off to the left side, you can see something has flown away, possibly a bee or a butterfly.

7. Japanese Drawings

This Japanese image is amongst the cherry blossoms, creating an unusual design.

8. Humorous Images

A kitty is drinking a Japanese beer amongst some cherry blossoms; it also has a bib on. You don’t get much more original than that.

9. Purple Owl

The cherry blossoms are in the foreground of the tattoo, almost as a backdrop. It’s the owl in the design that shines the most.

10. Sleeve Tattoos

This sleeve tattoo is all cherry blossoms along the arm.

11. Back Tattoos

If you are looking for a large tattoo, then consider this cherry blossom tree. It has a thick trunk, and the blossoms are all over it.

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