50 Most Wanted Collar Bone Tattoos

Collarbone tattoos can highlight one of the most attractive parts of the human body. These tattoos, which can be placed on both men and women range from delicate and dainty to fierce and powerful. Usually designed to stretch the length of the collarbone on one side or both, they look fantastic in a singlet top.

The art of tattoos has been around for thousands of years and although the designs have evolved the permanence is still the same. It seems that over the past few years the visual art of tattoos has made its way back into the mainstream. It is not uncommon to see people around the world inked on many different body parts and in many different fashions.

When thinking of the placement of a tattoo the limits run only as far as the skin in which we possess. There are many areas of the body that are tattooed far more than other locations such as the collarbone. Collarbone tattoos are seen on both males and females and the styles are endless. Many would say that the collarbone is one of the more painful locations to get tattooed but with the amount of people choosing to get it done it is safe to say that the pain does not deter many.

The styles that seem to grace the collarbone range from full chest pieces to dainty and delicate wording. Many people choose to get a collarbone tattoo to make a statement or to share what they believe in while others use the area to make an artistic statement or accentuate the collarbone itself. Either way it is clear to see that collarbone tattoos may not be just a trend but are here to stay.

The most popular collarbone tattoos spotted are word or sayings in a many number of fonts and detail level. All genders bravely wear mottos or phrases that are inspirational or meaningful to the individual. These tattoos can range from a single word to extravagantly detailed sayings.

Script Tattoos

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These ornate script tattoos enable one to really show their beliefs and true colors through the phrase they choose. Most of the time collarbone phrase tattoos in script are in simple black and grey ink. Unlike other words or phrases tattooed on the collarbone these script tattoos are most often centered across the chest and generally sit directly under the collarbone itself.

These script tattoos although they are very simplistic they can be very expressive of the person flaunting them. Many people use the collarbone to share a piece of their selves with the world. The detail that goes into these tattoos is crucial so it is important to choose an artist that does very good line work.

Delicate Font Tattoos


On the other spectrum of the words and phrase tattoos are those typically adorning the female collarbone. These are the delicate and less detailed words and phrases. These are typically smaller in size and more minimalist in detail.

These collarbone tattoos offer more freedom in size and fonts than script tattoos. Many times tattoo artists will have many font resources for you to search through if you are unsure of what exactly you want.

The placement of these more dainty tattoos usually varies along the collarbone as well. Sometimes they are centered across the chest under the collarbone as well, but they often times vary in where they are located. Another reason these types of collarbone tattoos are more expressive than traditional script tattoos is that artistic expression can be put into how they are laid out. These tattoos can be placed in irregular and unsymmetrical positions.

There is no set standard on where these tattoos go as they can fit anywhere. They can be tattooed above or below the collarbone, over the collarbone and be positioned in whatever is aesthetically pleasing to you and your tattoo artist.

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