25 Dogwood Flower Tattoo Designes For Girls

In spite of the odd sounding name, the dogwood flower looks very pretty and has become a popular choice for tattoo designs, especially among women. But recently some men have also stepped out and gotten the dogwood flower as a tattoo. Tattoos with dogwood flowers can be designed in many ways and the flower has a lot of symbolic value too.

The dogwood tree has been part of many legends and stories from the past. It goes as far back as the Bible and many thereby consider it symbolic of Christianity. Legend has it that the crucifying of Christ took place on a cross made using the wood of dogwood trees. This is because the tree is known to have a strong bark making it durable. The story goes that the dogwood tree was not happy about the way it was used. Understanding this and realizing this Jesus is supposed to have said that henceforth the dogwood tree would be slender and this will ensure that it will never be used in this manner. The flowers on this tree would be like a cross with two short and two long petals The center of the petals would have nail like impressions, be colored like rust and be stained scarlet. The middle of the flower would have crown of thorns. This was supposed to be in remembrance of the sacrificed that Jesus made on behalf of humankind.

dogwood flower tattoo

The dogwood trees of today are quite short and have flowers in many colors like white, red, pink and purple. These colors feature in tattoo designs. The dogwood trees also have curative properties and can be used for many things. Not only does the tree produce pretty flowers but also is known to be durable

As far as symbolism goes you can imagine that the dogwood flower tattoo would have many. Some of them include survival, stability, devotion, positivity, spring, hope, justice and love.

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With its association with Christian faith, there are many tattoos that include symbols of religious value along with the dogwood flower. This could be things like the cross, sayings from the bible, Jesus Christ, rosary beads, angels and more. Of course many tattoos have only the dogwood flowers or some may include other floral designs like roses, lotuses, lilies, marigolds and other things from the abundant floral kingdom. Some combine the dogwood flower with the dove which is a symbol of peace, hope and faith. Some feature them with birds, butterflies and other things.

dogwood flower tattoo (23)

With such a huge choice in terms of design, the dogwood flower tattoos can be adapted to fit any part of the body as per your wish.  Some people like to go with the simple flower on a branch while others go for more complex versions with myriad other elements. It goes without saying that the location of where you want it will determine the design and vice versa.

dogwood flower tattoo (6)

Besides the pure aesthetic value that dogwood flower tattoo has, it is very highly priced in terms of symbolic value especially to the person getting the tattoo. The thing is a tattoo is something so personal and valuable that you need to be clear on your motivation for getting it. The important thing is not to be swayed by what you see or what others feel or tell you. You need to do your research and pick the one design that speaks to you. This is what makes a tattoo something meaningful. So take the time to explore the designs as well as your feelings and motivations before going ahead with the tattoo.

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