25 Exceptional Starfish Tattoo Designs

A starfish is an exquisite creature belonging to the fascinating undersea world. Since it is quite good to look at and also has symbolic value, there is quite a lot of interest in the starfish tattoo. They can be worn by both the sexes. The starfish are known to be remarkable creatures that live in the sea and hold a lot of importance in the maritime world over centuries.

The starfish has been linked with many things like its link to the Virgin Mary making it a part of the Christian faith. It is also called the Stella Maris or the star of the sea. In general the starfish tattoo is associated with a lot of positive stuff and this weighs heavily in the tattoo world. In general the starfish is known to be the symbol for guidance, direction, love, vigilance and intuition,

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The starfish’s ability to grow limbs again if they are damaged shows the regenerative power that it has. It shows the ability to heal and to be born again. This way a starfish tattoo symbolizes change in the positive manner and salvation from tough times. It is also a reminder that you went through some tough times, fought them and came out victorious.

Some meanings and symbolism associated with starfish tattoos:

Since the starfish tattoo can be really pretty and interesting to look at and also hold a lot of symbolic value that rates pretty high in terms of tattoos. Both genders like to wear the starfish tattoo. The starfish also holds a lot of fascination due to the star shape it has and the fact that it leaves deep and enfolded in the mysteries of the sea. This is something that adds to the fascination that people have had about the ocean and the creatures that reside there in.

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The positive qualities that are attributed to the starfish tattoos include a sense of guidance and providing direction, some change, regeneration, instinct, watchfulness, salvation from troubles, will power and love.

The designs that are possible with starfish tattoos:

Since there are quite a lot species of starfish, the design possibilities with the starfish tattoos become infinite. They come in many hues, colors, formations and sizes. You can either show the starfish by itself or with other elements from its natural habitat – the sea or the ocean. You can add things like dolphins, sharks, shells, oysters, mermaids, anchors, seagulls and many other things that are related to the marine world.

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Some choose to show the starfish tattoo in isolation and others go with the water elements added in the form of waves. As the starfish tattoo can be made as big or as small as you want it to be, it can be placed anywhere you want it to be. Once you get your mind to it, you will find that design possibilities with the starfish tattoos are infinite and you just have to find the one that works for you.

The thing you need to remember with starfish tattoos as with any other tattoos is that, tattoos are permanent. Getting them on costs quite a bit in terms of money, time and also pain. And getting them off can be really difficult and costly. So if you are getting a tattoo, do spend time thinking, researching and discussing about it before going ahead with it.

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Take time to think things through before investing your body, time and money on a tattoo. Once your vision for the tattoo is clear and your motivations absolutely and fully analyzed, then go ahead and get it. You will find that a tattoo not only gets you attention, you find it immensely enjoyable to look at. Some of the Beautiful Starfish Tattoo Ideas have been compiled here:

starfish tattoo

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