40 Ultimate Eye Tattoo Designs

An eye tattoo can be really intriguing and is worn by both the genders. Apart from looking striking the eye tattoo, it has also got a lot of weightage symbolically. You will find that there are many variations of the eye tattoo design. Some like the real looking eye and some go for the cartoonist version. Some may even go for the eyes of cats or snakes and some will settle for the human eye. If you are exploring this idea, then you will find this article very useful

The eye of Horus: This is one of the popular design choices. This is a symbol that has Egyptian origins. It is also known the “Eye of the Ra”. The story behind the Eye of Horus is that Horus fought against Seth to see who would get to the throne. Horus is supposed to have had the moon as the left eye  and the the sun as the right eye. He managed to defeat Seth and gain victory but lost his left eye in the process. The eye was then restored by the God Troth. Horus is  also called the god who has a falcon head.

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The design for the Eye of Horus is inspired by the way a falcon looks. When you look at a falcon, you will come to see that, this design is quite a lot like the eye of a falcon. This design is much sought after in Egypt.  This symbol can also be found in art of the ancient Egypt. A tattoo design based on this, is unique and also comes with a lot of character attached.

Eye as the mark of protection: Eyes have great importance in our life so is the significance attached with many cultures and religions. In Christianity the eye is supposed to represent the religion and God. The way you draw the eye, shows your soul and your faith. People often talk of the “Third eye” which essentially means intuition and the ability to see beyond the obvious or even into the future. The eye is also seen as a symbol for protecting you against evil influences.

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The meaning of eye tattoo symbol:
The eye tattoo will mean different things to different people. The eye tattoo could simply represent what you believe in and want it to signify. This could include things like vision, life, religion, proper focus, clear thinking and vision, the inner being, smartness, protection, intuition, protector or even foretelling the future.

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Designs for eye tattoos:
The fact is that the eye tattoo can be designed in many ways. The general way is to pick an animal that you find particularly drawn to in terms of its qualities and then get the eye of that animal tattooed as your tattoo design. Cats can be quite a popular choice. Or you could go for a tribal or Egyptian style. You can and should look through as many options as possible in this regard.  This will kindle your imagination and you will find that you will come up with a lot of design possibilities.

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While picking out a tattoo design, do not lose focus on why you are getting it done and what it represents to you. Only when you are sure and really firm on this concept,  you will get a tattoo design that you like and most importantly live with. To this end, make sure that, though you do look at what designs other people have for their tattoo and even collect opinions and information from them, do not let them influence your decision. An eye tattoo should have special significance for you and then only you should go ahead with it. Here are some examples of eye tattoos:

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  1. I lost my left eye & I find it so amazing when I look at these eye tattoos. I really want one done I’m just not sure who could do it. I know It would be painful but worth every tear. Many ppl r shallow & it hurts my feelings & I get so embarrased. It is zn awful feeling. Plz help me :~

    • I also lost my right eye, be strong and take care of your other eye. We don’t value the importance of our sight until we encounter ourselves in these circumstances. I also want one but I haven’t found the right drawing or an eye that I like. I guess I’ll take a picture of my son’s eye and find someone who can do it right. Be strong!


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