40 Jaw Dropping Face Tattoos That Will Shock You

If you are thinking about getting a tattoo on your face, then you may want to think long and hard about this decision before you actually go through with it and get it done. Let’s be honest here for a second, we are talking about your face and that’s the one part of your body that is most seen! A tattoo on your face will make it a point of attraction and people will look at it. They’ll stare and maybe even gawk and they are definitely going to ask you questions! Something else to consider is future employment opportunities. Some conservative organizations won’t quite be open to the idea of hiring someone with a facial tattoo. They’ll be more worried about the implications it could have with their customer base than whether or not you have the skill set for the job. There’s so much to consider so don’t make a quick decision. Weigh the pros and cons and do what is best for you.

What’s more, since your face essentially defines the way you look; you need to ensure that the body art design you get done is excellent. We repeat, it needs to be really good! To ensure that, you need a tattoo artist who is highly recommended and really awesome at his work. Plus he or she needs to be willing to do it. Face tattoos are not for the faint of heart, but if you decide it’s the right thing for you, then best of luck!

Check out how realistic this one looks. It’s as if his skin was peeled back and we had a peak into his facial structure!

face tattoo designs (4)

face tattoo designs (36)

This is a tribal look that doesn’t cover the entire face.

face tattoo designs (13)

There are a few things you may want to take into consideration before you decide to make this decision and get a face tattoo. Think about how it will affect your work and work prospects. Unless you are doing it for religious or sentimental significance or you want the tattoo to be a business itself, a facial tattoo is a big no for your job prospects. It can come across as intimidating or threatening and most workforces aren’t interested in hiring someone who clients will be scared of. If you currently have a job, then it would be prudent to check with your boss and get up to date on the policies regarding facial tattoos before proceeding.

face3 face2 face1

face tattoo designs (7)

face tattoo designs (5)

face tattoo designs (8)

Sourcing: This next decision is a really important, if not the most important decision you will make after initially deciding you want to get a face tattoo. Source an artist who can and will do it! You’ll definitely want to check out past work that they’ve done to ensure it’s the same style and look you are going for. You may find there are not that many good artists who want to tattoo on the face. There are lot of implications to this process and the artist may not want the liability. The face is a delicate bit of surface and working on it may not be easy. Many artists may not want to work with it so be pretty careful with who you select to work on your face.

face tattoo designs (1)

face tattoo designs (12)

face tattoo designs (19)

Finalize the location on your face where you will get the tattoo: There are some pretty good surfaces on the face where a tattoo will look great. While picking the exact location of your tattoo, keep in mind that there are limitations when tattooing on the face because of the various angles. It can be limiting depending on what your motif entails. But, because of the limitations, it allows you to get really creative when choosing the motif that’s right for you! Decide if you want it to cover your entire face or if you’d rather it just cover a portion. Discussing it with your artist is a great way to stay on the same page and ensure that he or she knows exactly where you want it.

face tattoo designs (31)

This one is so well done, it almost looks like he has a mask on!

face tattoo designs (18)

face tattoo designs (20)

face tattoo designs (10)

face tattoo designs (23)

Pick suitable artwork: Since the face has limited area on where you can get a tattoo done, you need to be very cautious when picking the design. The face is subject to the variations of nature like sunlight so you need to pick a design based on this factor. Bright and intense colors in your design may fade over time taking away from the charm of the design. Moreover space is limited so you cannot go for a very elaborately made design as it will not be shown to full advantage. Choose a simple and elegant design that you will like forever. This is quite a decision so take time to consider a variation of options. Go over them with your artist to make sure they are comfortable inking the design. When working on the face, you want to make sure that everyone is on the same page and is comfortable with the agreed upon work.

face tattoo designs (39)

face tattoo designs (35)

face tattoo designs (26)

This facial tattoo looks chic and rather beautiful. She picked some really tasteful fonts that suit her really well! Nicely done!

face tattoo designs (37)

face tattoo designs (3)

face tattoo designs (1)

Anticipate the nay sayers: You can be sure that there will be a large number of people who will not like your facial tattoo and make it known verbally. You may have to spend some time justifying why you got a tattoo. You may think you are prepared, but it can be tiring after a while. So mentally prepare for flood of comments and queries you will get and shrug off the negative commenters, it’s just part of getting a facial tattoo.

face tattoo designs (14)

face tattoo designs (6)

Some people opt for the facial tattoos to travel down their throats and on down their body. Before doing all of that work, make sure you love the look and placement of your first facial tattoo and then proceed with an excellent artist.



face tattoo designs (17)

face tattoo designs (27)

Be sure: This may seem repetitive but it is your face and you will have to live with the tattoo for the rest of your life. Make a proper and objective analysis of the pros and cons. If you are absolutely sure about this idea then and only then should you go for it. But, ensure that you have a good and hygienic tattoo artist to do the work!

face tattoo designs (9)

face tattoo designs (32)

face tattoo designs (29)

Once you are sure on all these points and have the design that you always dreamed of, go ahead and get the facial tattoo you have always wanted.

We are going to introduce our readers to some other good examples of Amazing Face Tattoo Designs.

face tattoo designs (11)

face tattoo designs (15)

Facial tattoos can be a bit fierce and intimidating so just know that people will ask you questions! Share what inspired you and what the story is behind the choice of imagery or art.

face tattoo designs (16)

face tattoo designs (21)

face tattoo designs (22)

face tattoo designs (24)

face tattoo designs (25)

face tattoo designs (28)

face tattoo designs (30)

face tattoo designs (33)

face tattoo designs (34)

face tattoo designs (38)

Getting a facial tattoo is no small matter. Even though tattoos of any kind are permanent, the facial area is particularly sensitive and definitely the most exposed. It probably wouldn’t be the worst idea to seek counsel of those you trust to see what they think of the idea. Don’t make a rash decision but rather take some time to consider the pros and cons and then decide if you’d like to proceed. The impact a facial tattoo will have on you is pretty significant so taking all these factors into consideration is prudent and could prevent later regret in the future.

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