40 Jaw Dropping Face Tattoos That Will Shock You

If you are thinking about getting a tattoo on your face, then you may want to think long and hard about this decision before you actually go through with it and get it done. Let’s be honest here for a second, we are talking about your face and that’s the one part of your body that is most seen! A tattoo on your face will make it a point of attraction and people will look at it. They’ll stare and maybe even gawk and they are definitely going to ask you questions! Something else to consider is future employment opportunities. Some conservative organizations won’t quite be open to the idea of hiring someone with a facial tattoo. They’ll be more worried about the implications it could have with their customer base than whether or not you have the skill set for the job. There’s so much to consider so don’t make a quick decision. Weigh the pros and cons and do what is best for you.

What’s more, since your face essentially defines the way you look; you need to ensure that the body art design you get done is excellent. We repeat, it needs to be really good! To ensure that, you need a tattoo artist who is highly recommended and really awesome at his work. Plus he or she needs to be willing to do it. Face tattoos are not for the faint of heart, but if you decide it’s the right thing for you, then best of luck!

Check out how realistic this one looks. It’s as if his skin was peeled back and we had a peak into his facial structure!

face tattoo designs (4)

face tattoo designs (36)

This is a tribal look that doesn’t cover the entire face.

face tattoo designs (13)

There are a few things you may want to take into consideration before you decide to make this decision and get a face tattoo. Think about how it will affect your work and work prospects. Unless you are doing it for religious or sentimental significance or you want the tattoo to be a business itself, a facial tattoo is a big no for your job prospects. It can come across as intimidating or threatening and most workforces aren’t interested in hiring someone who clients will be scared of. If you currently have a job, then it would be prudent to check with your boss and get up to date on the policies regarding facial tattoos before proceeding.

face3 face2 face1

face tattoo designs (7)

face tattoo designs (5)

face tattoo designs (8)

Sourcing: This next decision is a really important, if not the most important decision you will make after initially deciding you want to get a face tattoo. Source an artist who can and will do it! You’ll definitely want to check out past work that they’ve done to ensure it’s the same style and look you are going for. You may find there are not that many good artists who want to tattoo on the face. There are lot of implications to this process and the artist may not want the liability. The face is a delicate bit of surface and working on it may not be easy. Many artists may not want to work with it so be pretty careful with who you select to work on your face.

face tattoo designs (1)

face tattoo designs (12)

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  1. So… Quite controversial… How can you say some of these face tattoos are amazing – since you already made a post with the skeleton guy, in “25 most ugly tattoo designs”
    I have to agree some with of these but jesus christ, a chess board in your face? , I could wear it one day but for whole life – as we would say, “joo terve”

  2. The 22nd from the top, the young lady with that wonderful tattoo covering the left side of her face, is gorgeous !
    No matter what your feelings about tattoos may be, she has a beautiful face with a beautiful tattoo !
    I wouldn’t mind to have someting like that done too… But I wonder what my husband would say about it…?!
    Maybe i’ll ask him !

    • Well, did you, Ginny ? Did he like the idea ? The pretty lady with the half face tattoo is certainly eyecatching. I would love to know more about her. Please, let us know what your husband wants !
      You will be world wide seen !!

  3. About the pretty and mysterious young lady with that wonderful tattoo on the right side of her face.
    First of all I would like to congatulate with that fantastic tattoo ! Ijust love it ! You were blessed with avery pretty face to start with and had it embellished with that gorgeous tattoo ! Just fantastic and out of this world. Even though we know actually nothing about you, you are world famous !
    I hope and wish that your coragious face will inspire more pretty ladies to get decorates lik you !
    Wishing you well !
    Maybe you could at least let us, your admirors. know how many hours work that was and maybe an idea of the costs ?

  4. What I don’t understand is why it is always ignored that tattoos on a sexy lady, make her more sensuous and desirable. The act of tattooing such a lady is the ultimate !
    It will take a lot of money to open a shop, but I am working towards a shop that adverises gratis tattooing for ladies. This will be done in consult with the tattoo artist.
    Tattoos in public places with a selct public and professional camera people.
    Other customers will be accepted too, but at the normal fees.
    We will try to make female face tattoos more popular !

    • Agreed man totally I love tattoos and more girls should get them but done properly instead of these shite tattoos that look like their drawn on with marker when their 16 proper tattoos for proper ladies

  5. I have extensive face tattooing and I agree with the commentary on the difficulty of living with them. I adore mine and they are the best thing I’ve ever done for myself but you need to be prepared for STARES. not casual glances but hardcore creepy/angry staring. I walked past an open air café today and a man almost did a coffee spit. people will presume you are crazy or a criminal. the police will watch you more closely. you HAVE to be okay with living long term without the approval of others. I would never go back but this is not a move for everyone.

    • That’s awesome man I want a face tattoo when I’m older love tattoos but unfortunately I know how you feel I use to have a red Mohawk and got followed by security in shops and I’m a rest home when I was visiting my nanny I got ran out of it

  6. I love my beautiful face tattoo……the whole left side if my face is a flower garden. I love wen pple dare to b different. It is very hard to find employment but, I don’t regret getting it done.

    • Good for you Rachel ! I love your spunk ! I’d love to see your face tattoo.
      My girl refuses to get one, I designed one especially for her ! Yet I will never give up trying to convince her.
      I am patiently waiting for her to get a weak moment. These are her own words: “a weak moment”, I am going to show her your message, okay ?


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