30 Ultimate Caduceus Tattoo Ideas

A Greek symbol, the Caduceus is mostly understood to be a symbol associated with medicine, while in reality it is the staff that was held by Hermes. It has has two snakes that may not have wings entwined around the staff. This symbol has been around since the 5th century BC and is quite a striking and distinct tattoo designs that is in popular fashion till date. Since the caduceus as a symbol is linked with Mercury and Hermes it is supposed to symbolize commerce, balance and negotiation.

Though the original symbol of medicine is actually the rod of Asclepius many think of the caduceus as the symbol of medicine. The actual rod that is the symbol of medicine in fact has only one serpent entwined on the staff. Due to this confusion the caduceus is used to signify medicinally associated stuff. Some tales link the caduceus with being a symbol of peace. According to the story Hermes brought peace to two fighting snakes, thus bringing peace.

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Another story in Greek mythology states that Hermes had stolen cattle that belonged to his half brother Apollo. When he owned up to the theft he gave Apollo a lyre made of a tortoise shell in penalty or compensation. Apollo is supposed to have given him the caduceus in return for being honest. There are references to the caduceus in other legends of Greek Mythology.

Tattoo Designs derived from the caduceus: The caduceus tattoo can be shown in many ways. Some caduceus tattoos show the staff with both serpents complete with wings. Some get a caduceus tattoo to denote that they have a medicinal value. Some artists have done it with their own artistic interpretation. While most caduceus tattoos show the snakes wrapped around the staff, some have used daggers, dragons or elements of Celtic art or tribal twists in it. Some may have parts of the two snakes or some part of them in the tattoo. Some can also put things like clocks, hearts, jokers etc in the caduceus tattoo and some add a scale as it is the symbol of balance.

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The caduceus tattoo design is really great for a tattoo artist to creatively work with by adding colors, shadings and other details to make it really striking. Some people may go with colored ribbons on their caduceus tattoo designs and some may get a background while others may not.

The meaning and significance of Caduceus tattoos: These carry many meanings and some really personal ones specific to the person getting it. Here are some common meanings:

  • A sense of balance
  • Equals
  • Healing
  • Change
  • Metamorphosis
  • Magic
  • Health

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Things to remember:

The caduceus tattoo is something that has many mythological stories along with a lot of symbolism attached to it. It looks great and means a lot. But when you choose to go with a Caduceus tattoo, the thing to remember is what it means to you specifically and not what others think of it. To this end be clear on your motivation for getting a caduceus tattoo. A caduceus tattoo or for that matter any tattoo is not something that you lightly undertake. You need to be clear in what you are seeking, where you are going to get it done, with clear concept of specific design and the size of it.

That is the only way a tattoo can bring you all the long-term satisfaction that you are seeking from it. To reach this level, you need to roll up your sleeves and do some research on all aspects. Once you are done with all the details related to the caduceus tattoo, then you will find that the whole thing becomes even more enjoyable. These examples of Caduceus Tattoo may help you:

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caduceus tattoo (3)

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