25 Creative and Cool Food Tattoo Designs

Tattoo designs based on edible items are slowly gaining popularity over other designs for body art, typically consisting of celestial bodies, the heart symbol and the naval anchor. This can be attributed to the fact that the Internet has taken over even our eating habits and patterns. After all the Internet does provide an avenue through which people who love to cook or eat or even read about food can share their recipes, photos of their culinary achievements or even share their eating experience.

We all know that in the earlier generations, preparation of food was part of the routine, since the number of avenues to indulge in outside food was limited. Thereby cooking was considered a mundane chore that one had to undertake to take care of the nourishment needs of self and other family members. Now cooking is more of a choice so it is considered a hobby by many. This makes it a thing to be shared with known and unknown people in the rather infinite realm of the Internet.

Given the way this trend has picked up and the fact that most people love food, it is not surprising that food has started featuring in tattoo designs. The best part of choosing food as the subject of a tattoo design is that there is such a vast array to pick from. This means that there is no dearth of subjects with reference to this subject. Anything from the most exotic preparation to the most mundane of items that are a favorite can be depicted as a tattoo motif. Though most things related to food have gained a lot of popularity, the undesirables while eating like the brussel sprout or the broccoli or the much despised spinach has not caught on even as a tattoo design. Here are 25 Creative and Cool Food Tattoo Designs.

food tattoo designs (1)

Food tattoos have quite a different impression on people than the other types of tattoos. The pizza tattoo below does not only look pretty cool, it also ignites taste buds creating a desire to have a piece of the pizza especially for fast food lovers. The place the food tattoo design has been worn is large enough making the whole design to appear great.

food tattoo designs (2)

Food tattoos may mean different things for different people, some may have tattoos of the foods they love, others love cooking and would love to identify with specific foods or spices. Like the food tattoo below can be taken to mean the wearer loves cooking and having the symbol of spices on the food tattoo creates some element of satisfaction.

food tattoo designs (3)

Different ingredients are also used as features in food tattoos with many people wearing food tattoos preferring tattoos with themes of foodstuff that they cherish. The food tattoo below can be interpreted to mean the wearer’s love for the given spice.

food tattoo designs (4)

There are different types of foods and elements used in food tattoo designs. The stand mixer symbol of food tattoo below is a perfect reminder of what the mixer is used for and can be perceived to demonstrate love for the mixer given the great food items it’s used to prepare. The food tattoo design below is well-crafted with a good combination of colours.

food tattoo designs (5)

It’s such a great thing to identify with something that you love regardless of what other people may think about it. The cup cake and cookie in the food tattoo below is a perfect show of appreciation for the food items. The food tattoo is perfectly designed with a good blend of other features making the whole tattoo quite appealing to the eyes.

food tattoo designs (6)

The food tattoo of a hot dog below is perfectly done and looking so real like it’s a physical hot dog. The place it’s worn is also large enough making the whole food tattoo design look well. Wearing the tattoo below is a great statement of boldness given the place it’s worn and the interpretation that people can give regarding the tattoo.

food tattoo designs (7)

Use of animals and beer in a food tattoo is a demonstration of love for meat and beer. The food tattoo below is a perfect work of art blending the features well. The food tattoo below can be worn by those who would love to identify with the products of the features.

food tattoo designs (8)

The food tattoo below is a good demonstration of appreciation for vegetables. The tattoo below shows a bunch of asparagus well crafted on the arm. The food tattoo looks quite cool and the place the tattoo is worn together with the body complexion enhances the entire look of the food tattoo.

food tattoo designs (9)

Food tattoo designs are quite diverse with a wide range of themes and elements to choose from. The food tattoo below is a good work of art with the leaves of the fruit clearly designed and the fruits well displayed

food tattoo designs (10)

This is a mixture of different elements of food tattoo that’s well combined with great features making the whole food tattoo to look quite versatile. The combination shows how we can mix all the foods we love in one place until identifying the main item becomes difficult.

food tattoo designs (11)

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