75 Funny Tattoos That Will Keep You Wondering.. (Fail!)

Nothing beats a funny tattoo! Whether it’s funny because it’s clever, funny because it’s silly, or funny just because it’s a terrible tatt, they’re always great to laugh at. We all know that friend with a funny tatt – or we are that person ourselves! Check out some more funny tattoos in our list of 64 silly ones.

If you really want to date yourself, or perhaps job your memory of a special occasion then this is the tattoo for you. Having done on your chest will allow you to use your mirror to glance at it whenever you need to jog your memory.

funny tattoos tattooeasily (44)

funny tattoos tattooeasily (45)Now this is really what you call fan loyalty although its not likely that the brand would use it on their poster of the week. It certainly is unique and is likely to be found impressive to the few that you would want to expose it to.

funny tattoos tattooeasily (46)For those with an eye for detail then you have to admit this is impressive. It isn’t loaded with color but once it grabs the viewer’s attention it is certain to keep them busy deciphering it for a very long time.

funny tattoos tattooeasily (47)This is certainly open for interpretation. At first glance it may get those who are looking at it a bit mesmerized. It really is cute you have to admit. It is certainly big enough, but if its appealing then you could have it downsized if you wanted.

funny tattoos tattooeasily (48)Well now, in this case it might be said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. It is certainly life like and if one didn’t want to have it on the arm then it certainly would fit nicely on other body parts.


funny tattoos tattooeasily (49)How innovative is this. Now I only count six dwarfs, and traditional there are supposed to be seven aren’t there? Guess where the the 7th one must be. Enter if you dare. The colors are great aren’t they.


funny tattoos tattooeasily (50)One could say that there isn’t too much subtlety here. Not many words are needed to depict what message these tats may be sending. I guess it saves on having to buy porn magazines though. Just a check in the mirror will be enough.


funny tattoos tattooeasily (51)For those that high on family tradition this is one way of getting the message across. Plus there is no need to worry about growing a mustache and keeping it trimmed either. Saving a few bucks here.


funny tattoos tattooeasily (52)

This tattoo is really innovative in both its story telling and colors. If you are looking for a tat that not only draws attention but holds it, and maybe makes for great conversation then this is it.


funny tattoos tattooeasily (53)This tattoo is a real winner! It is so cute and really gets the message across about whose boss here. There is just enough color to draw attention but not so much that it overpowers it, or takes away from the message.


funny tattoos tattooeasily (54)The font for this tattoo is what really makes it impressive. It wouldn’t be as near as effective if it had been done in straight line either. It has just enough graphics with the text to make it whimsical.

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