25 Great Handprint tattoos Ideas

There are many tattoos that are very meaningful, the hand print tattoo ranks as one of the most meaningful. They are supposed to be representative of children and that is why it is such a popular choice with parents. These can be worn by people of both the genders.

As stated earlier these are tattoos that are supposed to be deeply meaningful to the person getting them. In this article we will look at why people choose this hand print tattoo design, what are design possibilities and also the locations on which people get a hand print tattoo done.

handprint tattoo

Why a hand print tattoo? Mostly parents go for this to show their unconditional love for a child. Some may go for this to represent love on the whole and some may get a hand print tattoo along with other elements to have their special symbolism attached to it.

handprint tattoo (3)

What are the design possibilities? Though you may think of the hand print tattoo as being that of a single hand, there are many design possibilities that can creatively be worked out with some imagination and the right artist.

What do hand print tattoo represent in terms of symbolism? There are several levels of symbolism that are associated with the hand print tattoos and some of them include family ties, union of minds, standing out as an individual, love that knows no boundaries or conditions, completed and total friendship, unlimited loyalty and a feeling of strength.

Here are some Hand print tattoo design possibilities:

There are many ways in which you can go about getting this tattoo done. Some go for the stark hand print tattoo in starkĀ  black. Some go in for colors of their choice. People wishing to show the boy child may choose to go with blue and people wishing to show the girl child can go with pink. Or you can go with a combination of both pink and blue hand print tattoos. Apart from the color of the hand print you can also make changes in the shape.

People also add other things like symbols that are significant to them. It could be as simple as something that the child you are dedicating the tattoo to likes; like a baseball glove or a special toy. Some go with cute hearts, flowers, bows and even ladybirds. Sometimes the date of birth of the child is also tattooed along with the hand print tattoo.

handprint tattoo (4)

handprint tattoo (9)
Hand print tattoo designs are not limited to people who are parents:

Other ingredients have been mingled with this hand print tattoo to make it unique. Elements like a skull, a face or a tiger, a dragon, a snake or any other object that catches your fancy can be added to this tattoo.

handprint tattoo (1)

Do take a look at all the options open to you with regard to hand print tattoo designs and then come up with what you would like. Do some research to find out that it means what you think it to mean and not something entirely different.

Points to remember:

  • Hand print tattoos are great for parents who are thinking of getting a tattoo to show their love for their offspring.
  • But that is not always the case, you may get one to show your love and dedication for a loyal and close friend.
  • Do think about what it means to personally and do not be swayed by what others say and feel about the hand print design that you have picked out.
  • Make sure that all the elements that you have included in the hand print tattoo work well, look good together and do not have a jarring effect.
  • Do consider all pros and cons of getting a tattoo before proceeding.

Some great ideas of Hand print Tattoos have been shown below:
handprint tattoo (6)

handprint tattoo (2)

handprint tattoo (5)

handprint tattoo (7)

handprint tattoo (8)

handprint tattoo (10)

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