48 Best Hunting Tattoos to Show off Your Passion

If you are looking for a new tattoo idea why not show off your pride of hunting by getting something that reveals your passion. If you are the type of person that can’t wait for hunting season to come around, then getting a tattoo to show your joy is perfect for you. Hunting is a sport that many people have a passion for, and you usually see it with the clothing that they wear or decals on their vehicle.  Hunting is a common hobby to have, and it’s something that is shared by many different cultures. It seems the only difference is in the animal that is hunted. Some cultures hunt deer and moose regularly while others will hunt animals such as boar.

Hunting can be an empowering sport for some people. It can be a sport for others who see it as fun or a more economical way of putting food on the table. People who love hunting will always find the time to do so; it’s their means of relaxing. It’s a stress reliever in the same way that taking a bath is for others. It’s perfectly natural for hunters to want a tattoo that is hunting themed or has some hunting elements to it. There are rough and tough versions of the tattoo as well as elegant versions. There are so many different options available for someone who wants a hunting tattoo. Tattoos can be simple as well as one that can be very elaborate with plenty of detail.

There are many different meanings behind the hunting tattoo, and the most prevalent one is power. There is a certain level of power that a hunter feels when he is able to hunt an animal especially a hostile one and catch it himself. Hunters in many cultures are considered to be very powerful people, warriors even. Having a hunting tattoo shows your strength and power.

Below are 48 of the Best Hunting Tattoos to Show off Your Passion:

1. The Fierce Boar

If you are looking for a fierce animal to have on your body, then the boar is a great one for you. The detail is great with this tattoo.


2. Hunting Ducks

This beautiful tattoo of a duck is extraordinary. The duck is in the crossfire of the hunter. If you are looking for a unique hunting tattoo, then this is one you are sure to love. The colors with this tattoo are just amazing.


3. Bird Hunting Tattoo

If bird hunting is your passion, then check out this cool design.


4. Bow and Arrow

Some people hunt with guns while others use bow and arrows. If deer hunting is what drives you, then this is a pretty cool design. I love the burst of red; it shows true warrior passion.


5. Deer Hunting

This hunting tattoo looks like it’s done in memory of someone. The colors are great with this type of tattoo.


6. King of the Jungle

Unless you live in Africa, I don’t think there are too many people out hunting Lions, but it’s still a pretty great design. I love the flowing mane and the amazing colors.


7. Hunting Revolver

How many people hunt with a revolver? This tattoo is all about originality and hunting those wild animals. A great design that is sure to make anyone happy.


8. Personalized Design

A deer that has been tattooed from a picture. It’s easy to get exactly what you want from an artist if you bring in a picture.


9. Cartoon Deer

If you want something less realistic, then try out this design. It’s got great coloring, and it’s really unique.


10. Fallen Leaves

I love the detail in this tattoo; it’s just breathtaking. The head of a dead deer is left behind, and the bones are a great tattoo design idea. The whole thing is very different, and if you are looking for a cool sleeve tattoo, then this might be exactly what you’re looking for.


11. The Hunted Becomes the Hunter

This hilarious tattoo is all about the tiger becoming the hunter. This tiger is clearing not putting up with being hunted any longer.


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