45 Jesus Tattoo Designs

Sacred Jesus tattoo are perceived as one of the most powerful tattoos with many zealous christian people identifying with it. These designs are worn by both men and women and holds all the power of belief, faith and hope within it. It shows a definite leaning towards Christianity though some have  been vocal opposing tattoos of this type. But the people who have these tattoos swear by their love for the lord and their deep rooted belief in spirituality.

As designs go, the Jesus tattoo can be portrayed in many ways. There is something so kind and compassionate in the way the he looks upon you that can make the move the most stalwart among us. The element of pain he bore on being crucified is another aspect that has been portrayed in many tattoo designs.


Some people who get a Jesus tattoo on their body believe that it is their ultimate show of faith in him and his teachings along with the confirmation of their faith in Christianity. Body art design depicting Jesus can have a great amount of detailing with special emphasis on his eyes. The tattoo may also be done with other elements like the cross, with angels, trees, cherubs, rosaries or even with hands that are clasped together in prayer.


The belief that people have in religion may vary vastly. It is believed that Jesus was the son of God and his mother was Virgin Mary. He came down to earth and moved among us to make sure that the message of God reached us. He is known to have a healing touch which is supposed to have cured the sick and the disabled. In the end Jesus sacrificed his own life so the sins committed by humanity could be overlooked and forgiven.


The whole life of Jesus as we know it has been the source of inspiration to artists of all mediums. There have been sculptures and paintings of the various parts of the life of Jesus. Now with the popularization of body art, this has transferred to tattoo designs. People get tattoos with Jesus on them to show faith and also to keep the feeling of hope going on. Jesus has been inspiring us with his vast compassion and all the sacrifices he made.

The tattoo design depicting Jesus could be in many ways. Like Jesus simply blessing us, or with the crown of thorns on his head, the blood from his wounds flowing as he lay on the cross, or with his hands folded in  humility and with compassion in his eyes. You will find that most of images will have an impact on you even if you are not a believer yourself. Many designs have captured the beauty, anguish, forgiveness and compassion in his eyes. This makes the tattoo look even more beautiful.


Some people have had Jesus tattoos with other biblical symbols and characters. Some have gone for the Celtic cross along with Jesus for their tattoo design. Some have gone for a simple and basic version. Some designs show Jesus with other celestial elements like wings , angels and cherubs.


Typically a Jesus tattoo shows deep faith, the beginning of hope, the need for inspiration, religiousness, belief in the almighty, compassion, forgiveness, life and honor among many other things. Some people like to have the words Jesus Christ or simply Jesus written on their body than have a picture of him. Normally the tattoo of Jesus is quite sizeable and thereby you have to chose the location of your tattoo with care as per the size of the design.

No matter where you get a Jesus tattoo or what design you go with, you are well advised to take the time to ponder all the pros and cons before proceeding with it.


There are various designs and meanings associated with sacred Jesus tattoo design and the sign of Jesus hanging on the cross used on the tattoo design below expresses the painful death that Jesus underwent. Having such a design can be perceived to demonstrate that the wearer identifies with the pain and suffering of Jesus.


The sacred Jesus tattoo designs can be an expression of all that the life of Jesus Christ embodies like an expression of of hope, faith, power and more. The sacred Jesus tattoo design below looks quite breathtaking with the beautiful color combination which can be an expression of complexity and power.


The sacred Jesus tattoo design below carries a deep expression especially to a staunch believer in the Christian faith. The crown of thorns and the enhanced artworks above the head expresses the spiritual nature and the power of Jesus. Wearing such a design on the upper arm also enhances the upper features of the wearer while at the same time reinforcing the wearer’s perceived belief.


The sacred Jesus tattoo design below fits well on the upper back where it is worn and the various elements used alongside the tattoo like the roses greatly enhances the overall outlook of the wearer.


Tattoos of the Lord Jesus can be expressed in different ways and with diverse themes. The sacred Jesus tattoo design below is a great work of art as it expresses Jesus as an infant with the mother, the father and an animal that identifies with the humble place he was born


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