88 Badass Knuckle Tattoos That Look Powerful

If you are looking for a badass design, then try out a knuckle tattoo. They are powerful statements that always look strong. Some artists, however, will be hesitant about tattooing the knuckles because even with small designs they can make a bold impression. So be sure that it’s something that you really want.

When you are thinking about a knuckle tattoo design the space on the knuckles are certainly limited, but fear not there is still lots that can be done with the area. There are room for letters or even sentences if you are creative enough. Symbols can be added to the knuckles as well as portraits. If you get a portrait done however just make sure you have a talented artist to do it for you.

The most popular knuckle tattoo is the words “love” and “hate” tattooed on the knuckles. It came from the movie The Night of the Hunter from the 50’s.

These days there are a lot more options for you even with such limited space. The options are endless, and there are a lot of things that could be said on the knuckles.

Check out our list of ideas for when you go to get your next ink. Below are 88 Badass Knuckle Tattoos That Look Powerful:

1. Other Languages

If you want to say something say it in your native language for added effect.


2. Portraits

Another great example of portraits that can be done on the knuckles. These were done by a talented artist.

3. Symbol Tattoos

These are great tattoos because they fit nicely on the knuckles and there are so many different options.

4. Puppy Love

Represent the love you have for your puppy with this dog art. It’s a simple but detailed portrait.

5. Powerful Messages

Hopefully, she’s just expressing her love for the video game, but either way, the message is certainly clear.

6. A Positive Message

This is a great positive message for anyone who wants to believe in themselves.

7. Cute Messages

Maybe it’s her nickname or just the way she sees herself but either way, it’s cute.

8. What Suits You

If you love playing cards, then this might be the perfect tattoo for you.

9. Working Hard

These simple letters create an important message across the knuckles.

10. Song Bird

Another possible nickname across the knuckles. I love the beautiful colors that are attached to this design.

11. Different Designs

The two designs are connected to create a powerful message.

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