25 Lovely Leaf Tattoo Designs to Try

There are many tattoo designs that have become the design of choice and one of them is the tattoo design revolving around the leaf. The designs with the leaf theme are numerous; some of the popular ones being the gorgeous maple leaf, the cute aspen leaf, the strong and tough looking oak leaf among many other leaf motifs. Men and women have been opting for the leaf motif for the look as well as the symbolism behind these lovely designs.

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As per beliefs of yore, It has been believed that even one leaf is the emblem of good tidings and joy. But a leaf can mean more than that. It is not only the sign of beginnings it can also signify an end. A leaf starting its life on a tree is the simple and touching symbol of new growth that is usually the beginning of spring. A fallen leaf could also mean that the season of wilting has begun thus mean autumn. This also means that the hues of the leaves around you change in ways that are both colorful and beautiful.

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A simple belief and philosophy of the leaf is that of constant change and evolving. As life is a cycle that starts with a tiny tender leaf and ends with the lifeless brown leaf falling to the ground. There is something hypnotically inevitable about the circle of life and death which is encapsulated in the simple form of the leaf. Most people who get a leaf tattoo believe that life and the changes it goes through are as inevitable as the colors and stages that a leaf goes through. The colors that a leaf goes through like a dark green, lighter green, orange, yellow, deeper red and then dull brown symbolizes different stages of life

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The significance behind each leaf tattoo: As a specific type of leaf has a different meaning we can examine each of them separately. Whatever they may signify, you will know in your heart of hearts what the tattoo means to you personally and this will what make it so special.

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Some of the common things or concepts that leaf design tattoos are supposed to represent include:

  • Birth or evolution
  • Ending or demise
  • Stages of life
  • The process of change
  • Regeneration
  • Start of new things
  • The end of a stage
  • Joy and delight

Types of leaf tattoo motifs:

The use of the leaf in tattoos can be done in many ways. It can be shown in isolation or as part of other things like a flower, branch, twig or thorn. Then there is the seasonal rendering of the design to represent the heat of summer, the frost of winter, the hope of spring or the inevitability of autumn.

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You can go for a single leaf dramatically alone or go for a bunch of them to represent lush foliage. Because of so many choices and varieties that leaf tattoo designs can be adapted in, the choice of where you will get the tattoo done is vast. Any body part can get a leaf tattoo design. Done with a three dimensional effect a leaf tattoo design will provide you with all the joy of actually looking a real leaf.

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With the leaf tattoo being so easy to adapt, the possibility of getting it done in true tribal style is also possible. So you can literally wear the heritage of your forefathers and family in the form of a Celtic or tribal design. Take for example the deep connection that most people from Canada have with the maple leaf. This means you can actually wear your heritage and pay homage to your personal history in a style all your own.

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