33 Exotic Lizard Tattoo Designs For Men and Women

Who loves lizards? We do! While snakes and dragons may be more popular reptiles to get inked, there’s something just a little bit special about a killer lizard tattoo. They’re great on both guys and girls, and are sure to make you stand out from the crowd! Here’s some interesting lizard tatts we know you’ll love.

Getting a lizard tattoo design may not seem like a really popular choice but there is one thing we know – having a lizard tattoo will elicit a response; nobody can be completely indifferent to it. Though not the popular choice, this tattoo design has gained some popularity in some places across the globe and carries a lot of symbolism.

  1. If you turn your head to the side and look closely, you can see that the lizard is made up of different letters. The letters say “Mr. Mojo Risin” which is an old song that this girl must be obsessed with. This is a really clever tattoo and its very unique to hide a phrase within the body of an animal as a tattoo. the colors of the rainbow flow through the body of this lizard perfectly and the line work around this guy is very impressive. I wonder if this girl has any other tattoos.


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2. A simple, small, and sweet tattoo right above the ankle. this little lizard im sure has a great story behind it and I would love hear it. The big feet on this little guy make it cute and the simply shaded in body gives this shadow-like tattoo a lot of character.


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3. There is something about the eyes of this little lizard that makes me feel like he is look straight into my soul. The small amount of yellow that was added behind the eye really makes it stand out. This is a really cool tattoo because its a mix between a cartoon or modern style and a traditional tribal style. As most of the body of the lizard is green and normal, its two legs on the the right are being fused into a tribal piece. The is a cool and clever idea.


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4. Is that lizard real?! Wow the detail in this tattoo is pretty amazing. The shadows that are under the lizard really make it look like this little guy is climbing up this dudes legs. The texture of the body is spot on, and the size is perfectly proportionate to an actual live one. I wonder if that lizard ever gets jealous of the one on his leg. The way that this tattoo artist used some dark greens and dark shading to fill in this lizard really brings this whole thing to life. even the claws on the foot look real enough to scratch you.


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5. This is a fun and awesome tattoo. The negative space was used really well in this tattoo as the lines go through the body of the little lizard. This fun and playful tattoo shows that this person has a fun side and is willing to live t up a little.


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6. Im glad that this girl got two lizards on her shoulder because I would hate for one of them to be lonely or something. These awesome little shadows of lizards right underneath the collar bone are fun and playful. They almost look like they were done in the style of as cave man drawing or something like that.


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7. The color is this whole tattoo is super awesome. I love the orange dots that go up and down the back of this little guy and how its tongue is sticking out and almost licking the belly button ring is awesome. The way that this lizard is colored almost looks like it was done with a paint brush or something to that extent., This is a really cool and artistic take on a simple little lizard.


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Naturally there are a lot of lizard tattoo designs since there are so many variations in the types of lizards themselves. Though it may not generally be known to others like with popular tattoo designs, those who sport a lizard tattoo hold a lot of symbolic and deep meaning to a lizard tattoo. It may have to do with something as deep and personal as your personality.

8. This lizard is taking up a whole bunch of real estate on this girls back and left arm. This tribal tattoo that makes up a lizard is always a really cool idea. The way that tribal flows into itself and almost creates a wave like motion is cool enough in itself and then when it makes up and animal like a lizard, it takes it to a whole new level of awesome.


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9. This lizard looks like he is trying to whisper something into your ear or trying to convince you to do something you shuldnt. The long tail of this lizard swings down and almost looks like some sort of hook or tool to lure something or somebody in. The black and grey body we done very well and really gives this tattoo a three dimensional feel and depth. This lizard looks like it could craw off this girls skin any second and run away.


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10. This is another great example of a traditional tribal tattoo infused and transformed into a lizard. The back piece was very done and the black ink looks really well filled in and complete. You can tell that this tattoo was just finished because the surrounding skin is still tender and red.


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We will look at various lizard tattoo designs, learn the inner meaning and symbolism of these designs and maybe guide you to pick the one that goes with your tastes and personality.

11. This lizard tattoo would have taken so long to finssh but it was well worth it. at a quick glance you probably wouldn’t be able to tell that this is a tribal tattoo, but as you take the time to look at it and get closer, you can see how much tribal detail is actually in this tattoo. The spine of this giant lizard is very well done and the diamonds all look very original to the traditional style of tribal tattoos and the all the small parts of the tail to make up one giant tail is very very impressive. I love how each arm and limb are a little bit different from each other. These four unique limbs come together to make one unique tattoo.


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