50 Name Tattoos for Women

At present, name tattoos have become extremely popular across the globe among men as well as women. Although people wear these tattoos on the wider parts of their body, the smaller-sized tattoos can be worn just about anywhere.


The good thing is that you can select any text for your name tattoo that will manifest your personality. It is feasible to use any color for these types of tattoos which can include almost anything including quotes, captions, love quotes, poems and so on. However, one needs to be careful about the spelling while wearing these tattoos.

Popular Name Tattoos for Women

Below, we will mention some popular name tattoos for women and also why they have become so popular these days.

Significant Other’s Name

Women love wearing this tattoo on their forearms. This tattoo is intended to honor the most significant man in the life of any female, and it is important for the name to stand out from the entire picture.


We all accept doves to be a symbol of peace. The dove in a name tattoo is used to signify the person who calms you with a peaceful and happy smile in times of stress and anxiety. In fact, the presence of doves is compulsory during a wedding ceremony, since these birds have a strong connection with prosperity and love.


The rose in a name tattoo is used to express the love of a woman for any special man in her life. Moreover, the presence of thorns helps to accentuate the meaning even more by reminding us of the sufferings endured by a lover before he eventually succeeds in winning his woman.


The tenderness of the wings of a butterfly reminds us of a beautiful lady. The butterfly in a name tattoo helps to indicate the admiration of the female towards the man whose name is inscribed in the tattoo. Also, the gradual transformation of a girl into a gorgeous woman is often linked to the development of a cocoon into a beautiful butterfly.

Birth Date

A woman wearing this tattoo will usually inscribe the names of her lover and her little ones on the list. Human beings, by nature, tend to forget their birth dates. However, these tattoos are meant to remind someone of his or her birth date so that they do not overlook it. Furthermore, they also indicate how important a man is to any lady who is wearing the tattoo.

Tips When Getting a Name Tattoo

Although name tattoos for women are used extensively across the world, it is essential to stick to some maintenance tips after getting these tattoos. The affected skin area is quite sore initially and one must keep the area free from irritation.

Following the tattoo session, try to drink a substantial amount of water. Wash the wounds 2 to 3 times every day and use a soft towel to dry them immediately. Do not touch any affected area and take care that your clothes do not scratch those areas.

You need to continue caring for your tattoos even after the recommended healing period of two weeks. Protect them from direct sunlight and use sunscreen if it is not possible to avoid the sun. Bear in mind that a name tattoo is going to remain with you perpetually, so don’t be hasty, and be picky.

Creative Examples of Name Tattoos for Women


This name tattoo is the epitome of colorfulness and playfulness and is the perfect way to celebrate that healthy relationship with a lot of character. It is spunky and employs one of the prettiest things in nature, a dandelion, quite majestically.


This is one of those name tattoos where all the focus is just on the name itself. The name uses a very curvy and stylish artwork to appear as prominent as possible without being overpowering. The two little hearts are perfectly placed as well.


One of those name tattoo ideas where the name is a bit more subdued and the artwork behind the heart is more pronounced. The brilliant splash of red coupled with what appears to be blotches of black make this tattoo very striking.


Are you looking for a name tattoos idea that is full of unbridled vibrant energy? If yes then this is the one to get. The name is made out in a beautiful font while the use of three bright colors in the background that complement each other well gives it that extra zing.


A name tattoo design that uses symbolism quite cleverly to signify the long-lasting nature of a relationship, this tattoo is dominated by the symbol of infinity with the name and date beautifully merged into the design. It screams sophistication.


If you are looking for highly artistic and creative name tattoos for girls then this tattoo will definitely peak your interest. Its ultra-realistic footprints and the classical manner of representing the name and date make it visually very pleasing.


One of the simplest name tattoos for women, this puts all its effort behind just the name and that shows in each little curve in this tattoo. It is beautiful and scores quite high on the artistic index without taking up too much space.


Incorporating all-time favorite tattoo themes such as doves in flight and hearts along with the name in a stunning design, this is one of those tattoo ideas for women that strike the perfect balance between being prominent and understated.


This is simply the cutest tattoos ideas you are ever going to come across. A cute little flower in stunning pink and the stem fashioned into a heart symbol and then continuing on to the name lend it so much character in such a small package.


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