40 Native American Tattoo Designs that make you proud!

Native American tattoos are a great way for the natives to enjoy their culture as they recognize their heritage. The earliest settlers in the US are well known for their symbolic tattoos that they still identify with till today. The Native Americans were deeply spiritual and the ancient tribal tattooing was often done as a part of religious practice. The common Native American tattoo designs included animals, birds and reptiles that were often tattooed with the clan name of the wearer incorporated.

In Native American culture, the dreamcatcher is a well known symbol and a tattoo design that’s popular and has caught the attention of people from all walks of life. It makes a colorful, one of a kind motif that incorporates spider webs, beads and feathers into an intricate and meaningful design pattern. The best part is that a dreamcatcher tattoo has no particular pattern that it follows so it can be created in a multitude of different ways. However, the dreamcatcher is far from being the only Native American tattoo design that has become popular throughout the years in all different cultures.

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The symbols of Native American tattoo design may differ from one tribe to another, where different tribes were identified by different Native American tattoos. In some instances after winning a war, the winners would be tattooed as a symbol signifying victory.

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One of the common Native American tattoo designs is the dream catcher which was originally used on the children of the tribes. Dream catcher is believed to offer protection from bad spirits that appear in bad dreams and nightmares.

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Native American tattoos have become common among other cultures as well with many tattoo lovers opting to identify themselves with Native American tattoos like the dream catchers, Native American faces, eagles and other symbolic Native American items.

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Native American tattoo designs involved use of power animals which were often referred as tribe tottems.  The power animals are believed by the Native Americans to be greater than the actual animals as they embody the essence and the spirit of the animal. Having such a tattoo means that you identify with the character and meaning of the animal.


Native American tattoo symbols vary in meaning from one tribe to another and across the culture groups in North America. In most cases the symbols portray geometric manifestation of celestial bodies. Birds are also often used in the Native A merican tattoos as they symbolize a sense of freedom given the ability to sour up higher.native american tattoo designs (32)

Most of the Native America tattoo designs are beautiful and very large is shape making them suit well on the wide parts of the body like the back, arms, chest and the legs. The Native American tattoo below is large enough covering the entire arm and it looks quite eye-catching.

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Native American tattoos also have spiritual or mystical meanings to those who wear them. The wearer’s believed that having a Native American tattoo would endow them with supernatural power or some divine strength.

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Feathers play an intricate role in Native American culture, being a culture that truly lived off the earth and the grounds, nature and the balance there of was an everyday part of life for Indian tribes. Animals were not only used for food but for survival and warmth. Hunting and gathering was a part of daily living for all tribe members, making anything to do with animals and nature an essential part of living for the culture. Today, we honor the culture with a wide range of Native American tattoos that depict the various elements that signify values, culture and pride in the earthly elements around us.

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The Native Americans were deeply spiritual and would often communicate thoughts dreams and ideas through symbols and signs like the symbol of man used in the Native American tattoo below. The symbol of man gave an indepth illustration of the life of man.

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The Native American tattoo design below shows a creative combination of man and an eagle. The eagle is shown like its on flight making the tattoo depict a rich meaning of the eagles attributes and how its incorporated in the life of man.

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  1. I was amazed to see my son (Gabe Pendley) on your website with his first tattoo ( last of a dying breed) that Jake Eaves, Chattanooga,TN, did for him for his 18th birthday…. Jake does awesome work and I even got my first one from him! Thank you very much for the compliment of including his picture! Best birthday present I ever gave my son!

  2. I’ve been looking for a tattoo of strength love and loyalty in north american side but I just can find anything,I’ve seen some cool tattoos here on this website if anybody can help me to get me my perfect tattoo it’ll be great help thanks

  3. I love the ink that I have just finished looking at,i am part way through getting a full body suit done of native American Apache tattoos,I have even named my son Cochise after the great Apache chief. Keep up the awesome tattoos, well worth looking at

  4. whoever wrote the above is misinformed, especially by way he describes these designs to pertain to ALL NATIVE AMERICANS. The Dreamcatcher is not a synbol of ALL Native Americans . i am of Northern Paiute and Western Shoshone decent and i know that these tattoos have absolutely no meaning to me or my people. i dont appreciate you stereotyping us all as if we are exactly the same across the United States Further more , in MY culture the women did not hunt or go to war. they were highly respected and DID not and do not get tattoos


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