45 Sweet and Funny Penguin Ideas For Your Next Tattoo

If you are looking for an animal tattoo, then you can’t go wrong with getting a penguin design. They are pretty fun and creative animals to get tattooed to your body. Everyone loves animal tattoos, how can you not and there are so many different varieties. If you are interested in getting a penguin tattoo there are a lot of different options available to you in both small and large. They are not a mainstream design and aren’t overly popular so the chances of you getting an original design that you won’t see again is pretty high. The penguin tattoo is not new to the industry however; it has been around for awhile. Though they are becoming more and more popular.

If you look back on the history of the penguin tattoo it seems as if they originate from explorers and seafarers. During certain voyages seamen would often come across many different sea animals, one of which was the penguin. Many people get the penguin tattoo for decoration because they’re fun while others get them because they hold some symbolic meaning to their life.

1. Love Birds

The boy penguin is clearly smitten by the girl penguin, the love in his eyes are clear. If you want a fun tattoo to express your love then use a penguin design. These cartoon designs never go out of style.

penguin tattoos

2. It’s Cold Outside

This penguin is bursting out of the ice and he’s ready for winter with his toque on. He knows how to keep warm during winter, just look at that serious expression.

3. Ready for the Elements

This cute penguin has a lot of detail to it. He’s bundled up and ready to go out and play. We can see his igloo home in the background, where he nestles in warm at night to get out from the cold.

4. Colorful Penguins

A colorful design that anyone is sure to love, if you want something bright then here it is. The coloring of the sky is just amazing, they are bright and beautiful making the whole design come to life.

5. One-legged Penguin

This odd looking penguin only has one leg. He’s unusual but he certainly makes for an original design. If you want something special that people are sure to notice then this is the tattoo design for you.

6. Penguins Nodding

These penguins are together as a family, loving each other. If you are looking for a design to represent your own family bond then you really can’t go wrong with this one. It’s stunning.

7. Elegant Penguins

These cartoon penguins are looking elegant and ready for a night out on the town. They are wearing accessories and jewelry and the man has a fine hat on, it’s a very cute idea.

8. Single Penguin Tattoo

This penguin is all alone. If you are into the cartoon look then you might enjoy this design.He may very well be calling to his mother, a simple design but still a great one.

9. Hawaiian Penguin Tattoo

This penguin looks like he’s retired and ready to relax. if you love the beach add that the your penguin tattoo. If you dream of retiring on the beach then you might really like this design as well. You can’t go wrong with a day in the sun.

10. Lovers for Life

These two penguins can’t keep their eyes off each other. We have a blue moon and some snowflakes falling in the background. Another simple design that you are sure to love.

11. Penguin Rocket

We’re not sure where this penguin is going with a rocket on it’s back but maybe it’s shooting for the moon. This penguin looks serious about his adventures so don’t try to stop him.

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