26 memorable Cancer Ribbon Tattoos that Will Bring a Tear to your Eye


12. I love the scissors in this tattoo. It is such a cool symbol that this cancer ribbon can be cut because the cancer has been defeated and the person who got this tattoo have won. I love the details in the handles and blades of the scissors. The ribbon is unraveled and wrapping around the scissors.  A very cool idea and very original.




13. This anchor and ribbon combo tattoo is super colorful and full of awesome details. The thick line work and perfect shading on this piece is very unique. I love the additional artwork on the tip of the anchor and the perfectly placed green leaves. The colors pop perfectly and accent the grey anchor very well. This whole tattoo compliments each part of itself as well. The details in the wood handle give it a whole other level of beauty.



14.  This is another cool tattoo that includes the ribbon and butterfly. The ribbon however looks more three dimensional and the outline is less distinct. The color purple often times represents royalty and the butterfly represents transformation or renewal. so we can determine that this person feels like they have been renewed, perhaps after defeating cancer. 12


15.  This upper side and rib piece is very clever and beautiful. I love how the outside of the ribbon is pink and the inside of the ribbon is blue. The birds on the top and bottom are very well done and create a cool sense of personality and movement to this piece. It looks like the birds have expressions on their faces as well.  The beauty of the birds and how they are black on the outside and purple on the inside is a creative idea as well. 13


16.  This is a great and graphic tattoo. Its as if the ribbon is holding this person together. The open wound and bright blue ribbon really contrast and compliment each other. the lock on the ribbon is wonderfully colored and the specific gold color was a good choice accent the blues and reds. 15


17.  I love how the angel wings are coming straight off of this pink ribbon. The light blue that highlights the wings makes this look even more angelic. The tattoo artist did a good job at making this tattoo three dimensional and gave it a good shine. I think we can determine that Whoever got this tattoo lost somebody to cancer. This is a tattoo that will last a lifetime and that will allow this person to remember they’re lost love ones in an intimate way.  The line work on the ribbon and the detail with in the wings really make this tattoo stand out. The shading underneath the wings and the way that the ribbon loops towards the person looking at it make this a very unique tattoo.




18.  I feel like you could reach out and pick up that Rose off of this woman’s side. The detail within the petals and this damn are extremely impressive. The way that the leaves fanout in the shading on them really make you feel like that Rose is simply laying on her Side.  I love the choice to make the ribbon two colors, purple and light blue. The flow of the tattoo in the way that the ribbon is placed he is very cool movement to this whole tattoo.




19. This below is a mixture of what looks like royalty, girly-ness, and beauty. The Jules surrounding the bow almost shine on their own. This gives this a glamorous in princess like feel, as well as a very very realistic look. The light pink bow almost looks real and the shading on the bow is perfectly place to really give this tattoo depth. The jewels surrounding the ribbon remind me of a tierra that a princess would wear. I wonder if this tattoo has any symbolic meaning or if it’s just something pretty to look at.



20.  This lower back tattoo is a classic and beautiful tattoo. The beautiful combination of pinks and purples really make this tattoo stand out. It looks as if there are Jewels that are all over that bow. The pink is made to make the bow stand out, and the purple is meant to create shadows in depth with in this tattoo. This tattoo will keep its color and it will not need a touch up for many many years.




21.  Using a measuring tape to create a bow is a unique in brilliant tattoo idea. The depth of this tattoo is very well done and the measuring tape looks like you could pull it and unravel it at any time. I wonder if this has something to do with the persons trade  or if it was just a clever idea. I have never seen this idea before but it is very very clever. The tattoo artist did a great job at making all of the inches in centimeters even.




22. The front of the foot and top of the ankle are painful places to get a tattoo, but this would be well worth the pain.  Purple tends to represent who royalty so I am guessing that this has something to do with that. The way that the skinny string intertwines and flows down The tattoo is very well done. The line work on this tattoo is smooth and clean.



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  1. I want a tattoo of a ribbon for Breast cancer and cervical cancer. I want to combined the two together. My has breast cancer and my daughter had cervical cancer.
    I don’t want it to look feminine. Can someone direct me in the right direction?

  2. I would like a tattoo of 2 cancer ribbons intertwined in a deer antler. My dad passed of lung and liver cancer and my brother has brain cancer. I would like the 3 colors of cancer as well.


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