26 memorable Cancer Ribbon Tattoos that Will Bring a Tear to your Eye


23. I love the idea of adding these classic tribal wings behind this perfectly executed ribbon. The symmetry of the wings is very well done and they look exactly the same.  These wings life to the ribbon, as well as help it to stand out. The turquoise ribbon as many details with in it that are extremely impressive. Not only does the turquoise help the ribbon stand out but the hints of white ink give it a fine shine, And the dark blue adds depth and shadow. The tattoo artist knows exactly what they’re doing and I am positive that this woman is extremely satisfied with her near perfect tattoo.




24.  I wonder why all of these spoons are tied together with this ribbon, I think it must have to do with something in the Colaneri realm. The spoons are very well detailed in the shading from the handle to the bottom of the spoon is very well executed.




25. This is a very clever way to turn ribbon into a word. The word Hope has so many meanings and can have so much depth.  The dark purple acts as a great shadow and creates a lot of levels. The pink has different shades in it and gives this tattoo a whole lot of character. This tattoo shows the strength of the person who has gotten it and what they are putting their hope in.




26. This is a great tattoo and this blog with. The rustic and gold and perfectly placed shading makes this Victorian key stand out above all the rest. The free-flowing turquoise ribbon that surrounds the key looks like it is moving effortlessly in the wind. The amount of detail within the key handle is breathtaking and makes you want to look at this tattoo all day long. You can tell that this tattoo was just completed by the Red skin behind the tattoo. This key will unlock your view and opinion on what a beautiful tattoo should look like.




  1. I want a tattoo of a ribbon for Breast cancer and cervical cancer. I want to combined the two together. My has breast cancer and my daughter had cervical cancer.
    I don’t want it to look feminine. Can someone direct me in the right direction?

  2. I would like a tattoo of 2 cancer ribbons intertwined in a deer antler. My dad passed of lung and liver cancer and my brother has brain cancer. I would like the 3 colors of cancer as well.


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