26 memorable Cancer Ribbon Tattoos that Will Bring a Tear to your Eye

The scourge that is cancer leaves no one untouched. Along with the people who get the disease, the families of those afflicted also suffer from the terrible pain that cancer can inflict. That is why the ribbons that are worn to show their awareness of the disease or as a tribute to those who suffered cancer or as a mark of victory over the disease is an especially meaningful tattoo. People often have a cancer ribbon tattooed for many reasons. These come in different colors and each color has its own importance. Both men and women get these tattoos as their own personal badge for having faced this disease either directly or indirectly.

  1. This first tattoo carries an amazing and powerful message in just two small words with big meanings. This tattoo shows what was overcome by the individual and the strength that it took to overcome the battle that this person was going through. Whenever we hear or see the world suicide we tend to get a little bit uncomfortable, but this person has decided to wear their scars and history with pride to set and example.


These ribbon tattoos that are worn by cancer patients and people who survived the disease as well as the any who are associated with this disease definitely looks good. But that is not at all the point of these ribbon tattoos. They are worn to show love, compassion, honor, encourage and strengthen the fight against this dreaded disease. People want others to be aware of the disease, be on the lookout for this disease, not to lose hope once they discover they are afflicted and are meant to give them courage to battle against it.

Most of the ribbon tattoos are connected with cancer and each of the color represents a particular type of cancer. Sometimes getting a cancer ribbon tattoo is just to make the person feel that they too have done something to help. It is a known fact that along with the people who suffer this disease the overwhelming helplessness that the near and dear ones feel can be crushing. Getting a tattoo can make them feel as if they have done something and keep reminding them that they need to support the person who is battling the disease.

2. I like this ribbon tattoo because its simple yet it has a touch creativity to it as well. The ribbon intertwines itself multiple times and almost reminds me of a Celtic cross or trinity symbol. This woman wears the survivor banner with prided and shows us that it is possible to overcome and beat this jerk of a disease called cancer.


Some wear this tattoo in memory of those who fought the disease but lost the battle and thereby their lives to this disease. It is a way of paying homage to the one who has passed away. People who have fought the battle and won are the ones who wear it as a badge of honor to remind them to live their lives to the fullest. Some people add sayings and inspirational quotations to these cancer ribbon tattoos to inspire themselves and others. Some even add other symbols and relics of faith and hope along with the ribbon design.

3. This is an awesome ribbon tattoo. The reds and whites in this tattoo as well as the hints of blacks really allow this tattoo to pop. I love the style that was used for this tattoo. Its simple, clean, and has bold outlines. The white was used perfectly to give the bow and flowing ribbon a sense of glare or shine. The symmetry is great and the skull is clever added bonus to this tattoo.


Lavender color is supposed to represent cancer in general, with yellow for cancer of the bladder, gray is for the brain, pink is for breast cancer,  cervical by white, childhood cancer by gold, dark blue for colon and so on

There is no dearth of design possibilities when it comes to ribbons for cancer type of tattoos. This is so because each experience is different and each person who gets this tattoo done is inspired by his or her own very personal story. The elements that are added to such tattoos are many depending on the stories and motivations behind getting the tattoo.

4. The way that the ribbon is draped around the cross with the dates on both sides of the ribbon, its safe to assume that the person who got this tattoo lost someone close to them to the cancer. the bright pink ribbon really stands out well against the black backdrop and the cross itself is very symmetrical and shaded well.


When you are getting a ribbon for cancer tattoo, it is obvious that you have given a lot of thought to the motivation behind the tattoo as well as what it means to you symbolically. If you are considering such a tattoo it means that you or someone close to you has been battling the disease that strikes so much terror. But do consider what are the design elements that you have included in your tattoo, as a tattoo is something permanent. So considering the placement and design is very vital when getting any tattoo.

5. The foot is a very painful place to get a tattoo but the end product is obviously well worth the pain. The pink ribbon is a beautiful symbol of those who are battling cancer. The little blue stars around the pink ribbon are a beautiful touch and add a very good sense of color to this whole tattoo.



6. These ribbons around this woman’s ankles look as if they are real. The details within the bow, the hanging strings, and the added glare really make this tattoo combo and beautiful piece of art. I love how different shades of darker and lighter reds make these bows pop off the skin and really give this tattoo dimension.




7. This is a large lower back piece with great movement and great color. If you look closely, you can see that the artist and the canvas had the idea of making the ribbon coming from within this woman. It looks as if the ribbon is going in and out of the skin. The flow of the ribbon is well done and the line work us super clean.




8. This is a really cool idea to make the classic symbol of the cancer ribbon into something more alive. This ribbon has been given butterfly wings and has instantly come to life. This is a really cool take on the ribbon that i havent seen before. The line work on the wings is clean and it flows perfectly.




9. I love how this tattoo was done. The ability of the tattoo artist to make this tattoo look more like a finger painting or brush strokes is truly amazing. this tattoo reminds me of a drawing that a loving father or mother would put up on their fridge that their child passionalty painted for them. This tattoo shouts originality and authenticity.




10. When i see tattoos like this it makes me cringe a little bit but in a good way. The way that the ribbon is passing through the skin looks so real that you find yourself amazed and in aw at the same time. The artist also gid a great job to make sure that both legs were symmetrical.



11.  This colorful little tattoo is really cool and unique. I love how this ribbin is made up of a bunch of different little puzzle pieces. The size of this tattoo makes it even more impressive about the details that are within this small ribbon. The heart in the middle is a nice touch and I love how the white ink was added into the heart in order to make it look as if the heart is shining. 9

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  1. I want a tattoo of a ribbon for Breast cancer and cervical cancer. I want to combined the two together. My has breast cancer and my daughter had cervical cancer.
    I don’t want it to look feminine. Can someone direct me in the right direction?

  2. I would like a tattoo of 2 cancer ribbons intertwined in a deer antler. My dad passed of lung and liver cancer and my brother has brain cancer. I would like the 3 colors of cancer as well.

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