35 Amazing Ripped Skin Tattoo Art Designs

The trends in the tattoo world too tend to veer in every direction. Like there have been trends in clothing and hairstyles towards the weird and unusual, so have tattoos. In the tattoo world one such weird and almost gory but absolutely riveting that has come about is that of tattoos that are made in such a way that they look like the skin has been ripped off and you can see beneath it.

Women 3D Tattoos

ripped skin tattoo (12)

ripped skin tattoo (20)

ripped skin tattoo (30)

Artistically speaking achieving this is rather a difficult task, but the results are well worth it considering the amount of looks you will be getting. A three dimensional effect is attained and it seems like people can peep into your skin. This trend may seem a little offbeat at first but when you take a look at such ripped skin tattoos, you will realize why this trend has caught on.

ripped skin tattoo (9)

ripped skin tattoo (8)

ripped skin tattoo (18)

ripped skin tattoo (25)

Some of the noted works in this regard are:

  1. Making it look like the musculature underneath your skin is visibleripped skin tattoo (5)
  2. Rendering the artwork in such a way as to seem as though there is a machine under your skinripped skin tattoo (15)

    ripped skin tattoo

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  1. It is infuriating to see these tattoos around the web with no reference to the artists responsible for their creation. I am increasingly in favor of obnoxious watermarks.
    Give credit where credit is due.

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