135 Beautiful Rose Tattoo Designs For Women and Men

Some tattoo artists practice very specific styles on their customers, like this one here. Usually they will make it up as they go. You can usually ask them what elements they’d like to include from their previous designs and they’ll sketch up something individual for you.

Deep red roses


Rose tattoos don’t always need to have the deep black outline that we usually see. You can play with colors instead if you wish like this deep red roses tatt here. Instead use lighter colors to provide highlights, instead of lowlights.

Lion and roses


This tatt is punk rock! The fierce lion leaps out from the center of the chest, and you’ve got the roses up the top across the clavicles to balance out the design at the top. Chest pieces require a lot of thought before stepping into the chair!

Rose plus pet


Lots of people get tattoos of their beloved pets so that they can remember them always. The bond we form with our pets is unbreakable and many times our relationships don’t last as long! Add you pet with a flower background for added pop.

Rose and tendrils


This tattoo is beautiful both in its use of color and the added addition of the plant tendrils going along the design vertically. After all, roses don’t exist in isolation, but as a part of a larger plant!

Rose and triangle


this design is unique in that the rose itself is not colored at all. Instead, we see the brilliant red that we would expect to be in the rose itself across a red triangle at the bottom. Dare to be different with your tattoo design!

Growing my garden


You might already have plantlike depicted somewhere on your body. Maybe you’d like to think about growing yourself your own tattoo garden! Here we’ve got an older lucky four leaf clover, added to with a large rose.

My corsage


What’s prettier that a single rose? Many roses! This corsage is a very feminine design, placed on the upper ankle. Choose deep pinks instead of red to make your rose tattoo that much more feminine.

In full bloom


There is so much color going on in this tattoo! We don’t often see such wildly colorful, large roses in full bloom in tattoos. It’s just a reminder that roses can look very different across their lifecycle, from a tiny bud to this!

Rose in time


This sort of tattoos are very popular – you’ll see some different designs all combined into one. Seemingly unrelated, if you choose carefully they will have good continuity. The shading throughout here is done very well, too.

My pup


Another example of getting your best friend inked, this is one cute dog! Chose your tattoo arrtist carefully to get a design that is as clean and detailed as this one. It might cost more, but it’ll definitely be worth it in the long run!

Guns n roses


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  1. Hi there i thought there were some really cool tattoos design s and ideas .I love all kinds of artwork i was drawing them when I was about 8-9 years old .I am totally self taught artist I was expelled at a young age and eventuly locked away at approved schools then on until i thought I am not gonna be locked up all my life and I did succeed in the end and been trouble free for nearly 14 years,the only real good thing that I got out of being in trouble was my art work.


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