50 Rose Tattoos for Women

Rose tattoos are the latest in-vogue fashion for women. We will cover the most popular rose tattoos for women and their meanings. Let’s dive into the world of this enchanting, sexy and timeless symbol.


The True Meaning of Rose Tattoos

Rose tattoos typically symbolize love and beauty. Now, let’s go deeper about what they actually mean. From tarot cards, rose symbolizes hope, balance and a new beginning.

For sailors, rose tattoos are the perfect way to express how they miss their lovers and spouses, and mothers. They see tattoos as a symbol of peace and calmness to them during their rough days in the ocean.

Different rose color portrays different meaning. Red rose represents love and beauty. White means purity. Yellow represents joy. Pink is for grace. Black roses represent farewell and memory- an expression of love to the love ones who have left.

Having known their meanings, let’s take look at the most popular rose tattoos for women, why they are popular and what they actually stand for.

Popular Rose Tattoos for Women

Black Rose

Black rose tattoos give the true feeling of memory and farewell. They are also stylish and low-key pretty. Do you miss a loved one who has left forever and wish to show them they still remain in your heart?

Red Rose

Red rose tattoos are the timeless, classic tattoo that will forever remain beautiful and popular. Despite its amazing, deep meaning of love, the style and look it can add to your beauty is unimaginable.

Small Rose (On Ankle or Arm)

Some women are crazy about the subtle low-key beauty of small tattoo. Small rose tattoos on the arm or ankle can give you a stunning look even though the size is small. Both red and black works really well. Most women love both though.

3D Rose

3D rose tattoos for women are really trendy and eye catching. This tattoo looks like it’s popping out from your skin. A big red 3D on your skin definitely stands you out among everyone during the summer time.

Black and Grey (Monochrome)

Black and grey rose tattoos are different from pure black ones especially with the added touch of softness to its awesome design. These subtle and beautiful women rose tattoos expresses a deeper feeling and they are usually done on the back.

Rose on the Shoulder

Women love this tattoo on their shoulder because of its enchanting look whenever people see it either from the back or front. Though, some women say they love it to be on both the front and back. No matter what, the tattoo still maintains its style and uniqueness.

Japanese Style

When it comes to art and drawing, Japanese styles are second to none. Remember Japanese comics and animation? They have successfully won the world’s heart. For women’s rose tattoos, Japanese style is fashionably different with a more feminine look. We are not surprised why women love them.

Beautiful Samples of Rose Tattoos for Women


A rose tattoo designed on the leg. The petals of this presentation of rose tattoo ideas are colored pink while everything else is colored in different shades of black, even the stems and the leaves. The design has two roses, with the bigger one on the surface of the foot and the smaller on the calf.


This tattoo has three miniature roses in different blooming stages, the first still closed, the second opening up and the third fully bloomed. Each is designed on the underside of the arm, just below the wrist. The roses also have similar light plum shading.


A large rose tattoo on the underside of the forearm. The background is dark with three roses on it, only the rose in the center has light colored petals, with the two adjoining roses having pale petals. The rest of the design including the leaves is all depicted in different shades of black.


A large tattoo designed on the arm with just black ink. With four large flowers, of which two are roses. The petals of the flowers are shaded with dark ink against the color of the skin to create the effect of solidity.


This rose tattoo design is drawn on the shoulder with black ink and the petals of the rose with lightly colored fuchsia. There are three roses, one large and the other two relatively small. The leaves and stems are inked black against the skin.


Rose tattoos designed in the center of a rhombus with two corners of the rhombus having two intersecting lines each. Also, two edges of the rhombus are partially made up of dotted lines. The rose sits inside the rhombus colored red.


A small rose tattoo designed on the nape of the back, surrounded by triangles and dotted arcs. The rose is colored plum with dark shading to depict its solidity. There are a few leaves around the rose inked with different shades of black.


A grayscale rose tattoo designed on the shoulder. Consisting of three roses colored and shaded with black ink against the skin to depict solidity. The leaves and stems all around the roses are all inked different shades of black.


A large rose tattoo designed on the arm. The background of the tattoo is depicted with dark green ink giving it a toxic effect. The rose itself is colored orange with the inner petals looking brighter and the outer petals looking paler.


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