75 of the best Samurai Tattoo Designs

Tattoos with the Samurai motif are quite the rage among the Japanese and are slowly gaining a foothold in the mainstream. The tattoos depicting the Samurai tend to be colorful and very detailed. They are depicted in numerous ways and come in many colors. The size of these tend to be on the larger size due to the details that are added on the tattoo.


The samurai tattoo is supposed to symbolize the very quality of strength and bravery that are associated with the noble samurai. Due to this and their stunning detail work they make excellent tattoo designs to be worn on the sleeves. You can embellish the tattoo with other design components.

Due to the rich history and cultural value attached to the Samurai, the tattoos tend to have a lot of symbolic value. Many a man would pick up the samurai tattoo due to the tales of bravery and immense masculinity associated with the Samurai. Considered noble warriors whose life mission is to server and protect the higher ranking people in the society, the samurai where highly regarded and respected.

The Samurai’s prescribed to a certain way of living that was based on honor and service. It was based on Zen Buddhism and samurai were required to remain calm of mind while focusing on their duty. They were skilled at all the arts of war. Though born to protect and fight they would shun unnecessary slaying. They followed “Bushido” which was based on the principles of disciplining the self, bravery, honor and respect. These principles were held in greater value than their life by the brave and noble samurai.

They overcame their fear of death and would face every day of their life as if it was their last day on this earth. They were to bring order to all things around them. Marriage was part of the culture and by marrying a samurai the woman would also become samurai and be bound by the same code of conduct.


Therefore we can imagine that the samurai tattoo would symbolize all these things like discipline, bravery, masculine strength, duty and honor, noble and higher thinking, honor above death among many other such qualities.When a person gets a samurai tattoo it is not only for the detailed and painstakingly exquisite design but also for the noble and great qualities that are represented by the Samurai. The tattoo would remind you to live your life to the fullest and to make each moment count as if it were the last one. The samurai were among the elite and pains would be taken to indoctrinate them in the qualities that will build their strength and character even further.


The samurai and the samurai culture are essentially Japanese; thereby tattoos having this motif would also inculcate other elements that are to do with the Japanese culture. This could include sayings, swords, cherry blossoms as well as samurai in different poses. The addition of Yin and Yang symbols, dragons, tigers and the Katana are also quite common.

Since the samurai tattoo is full of deep symbolism and can have many elements added to embellish the tattoo, you would be well advised to do your research. And do not limit yourself to just the designs, do concentrate on the other elements and make your choice with great care. This way you will find that you have a tattoo design that means a lot to you looks great and is well designed. Like always do consider the money, time, pain and future implications of getting inked before you proceed. This way there will be no second thoughts.


The Meaning and Symbolism of Samurai Tattoo:

Samurai tattoos were commonly adorned by the noble Japanese warriors who were outstanding in their ability to overcome the fear of killing and of death during combat. The samurai tattoo design below is an expression of a warrior who is fully armed.


Wearing samurai tattoo design was considered as an expression of bravery and an act of patriotism amongst the Japanese. Just like in the Samurai tattoo design below, the outlook of the tattoo depicts a brave face of someone with and fully armed for battle.


Some of the common features and elements in samurai tattoo designs is the sword and it symbolizes protection and strength.  The power behind the demonstration of bravery by the samurai’s came mainly from their strong belief in values like courage, respect and honor. Meditation was also a major practice that they identified with just as shown in the design below.


Samurai tattoo designs have become quite popular and not only with the Japanese but other cultures as well. The meanings associated with the tattoo expresses what majority of tattoo lovers may want to identify with.


Apart from Japan, the samurai tattoo designs are also common in Asia, America and other parts of the world. Samurai tattoos can be worn in any part of the body provided the space is large enough for the preferred design.


Meanings Associated with Samurai Tattoo Designs:

There are various meanings associated with samurai tattoos and what often comes to the mind whenever samurai tattoo is identified is an expression of a warrior or a fighter. It also symbolizes protection, strength, courage and discipline.


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