Smiley Piercing: 44 Peeps Who Are Rocking Their Smile + Tips!

Love your smile? Why not accentuate it? The smiley piercing is the perfect way to put a hidden pop in your smile. It’s part of a new wave of oral piercings that are getting a resurgence because, you know, tongue piercings are just a bit passe!

The smiley piercing is also known as the scrumper – but we think that’s a bit of a weird name! The easiest way to think about where this piercing is, is to actually grab a mirror and check yourself out while you have a look.

So here’s how: grab you upper lip between your thumb and your forefinger and stretch it upwards towards your nose, while clenching your teeth. Now have a look in the mirror. Do you see the little thin vertical “string” in the middle connecting the top of your gums to your lip bit? That’s the frenulum. And that’s also where the smiley piercing goes.

You put a tiny curved barbell through it, and then people can only see your piercing when you smile – neat, huh?

Let’s check out some pics of the smiley piercing then:


1. Sweet Smiley

In this picture you can only see the balls of the piercing. Depending on how be your hardware is, will determine how much your piercing will show. So if you don’t want your parents to notice, get a small ring and try not to smile too!


2. Gold Smiley

While most people choose to get stainless steel jewelry for their piercings, you might like to switch it up with gold, if you’re more of a gold fan. Remember, some metals can cause allergies, so if your piercing feels weird, then it might be time for a trip to the piercist.


3. Upper and Lower

There’s also the lower lip frenulum piercing – essentially the same as the smiley, just done on your lower lip. You have to snarl (instead of smile) for this one to be seen. Grrrrrr!


4. Matching Nose and Smiley

Smiley’s aren’t a permanent piercing – eventually, they will travel out of the skin, especially because it’s so thin there. If you want your smiley piercing to last as long as possible you should ask your piercer to go as high up the frenulum as possible.


5. Lovin the smiley

Be careful with the jewelry that you use with your smiley piercing. Barbell balls can (and do) rub down the enamel that protects your teeth. You might like to choose jewelry that instead doesn’t touch your teeth, or got for a plastic barbell instead.


6. Devil’s smiley

While these pointed balls may scratch around in your mouth (they’re not recommended except for photo ops!), you won’t feel much pain when getting a smiley. If you have other piercings, they’re likely to be the least painful one that you’ve gotten – yippee!


7. Cupid’s Bow smiley

A smiley can really accentuate your features. This girl’s cupid’s bow is highlighted with her smiley piercing! It can also complement other piercing that you have, especially if you go for a common theme with your jewelry.


8. Diamond Smiley

You can also get a jeweled ring, such as the one above. To take care of your new piercing all you will need to do is rinse your mouth out with mouthwash several times a day, and after you eat or drink, too. You’ll want to ensure any nasties in your mouth get killed and don’t infect your piercing site!


9. Matching smileys

You and your babe ready to commit to each other but not with a tattoo (well at least not yet!)? Then you might like to think about something like these awesome matching smileys. Your friends are bound to be jealous!


10. Copper smiley

It’s better to wait until you have gotten your braces OFF before you go through with a smiley piercing – like this person up here! If you get it done while your braces are still on you can risk it getting caught and tearing your frenulum – ouch!


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