47 Sexy and Alluring Spine Tattoos for 2017

If you are looking for a new and fresh tattoo idea, then think nothing of trying to get a spine tattoo. They are the newest trend in the tattoo market, and you are sure to love these killer designs. This sort of tattoo looks fantastic on women because women always love to show off their backs and there is no better way then to have a spine tattoo. They are hot designs that can also be feminine for women or badass for men.

These tattoos are very creative, and some of them can go from the lower back all the way up to the neck. Many people believe that a spine tattoo can represent the backbone of your life, not just your body. You can get the tattoo in any shape or size, it all depends on your personal preference. Many people who decide on a spine tattoo usually get a bigger design because some of them look quite nice.

There are many different options available to you for a spine tattoo. There are Chinese letters, unique designs, flowers as well as some special quotes that can even be incorporated into a bigger design. You can get them in black or white or in color, either way, they are both very beautiful concepts. Just be prepared for some pain because the one downfall to a spine tattoo is that it can be very painful. The tattoo machine can feel like it is pinching into your back and if you are getting a large tattoo, it can be hours of pain.

If you are thinking of a spine tattoo, then check out this list of amazing design options for you. Below are 47 Sexy and Alluring Spine Tattoos for 2017:

1. Hammerhead Sharks

If you are a lover of sharks, then you are sure to love this design of various sharks swimming up the spine.


2. Unique Symbols

This stunning design certainly makes for a beautiful tattoo design.

3. Various Flowers

This large spine tattoo is made up of different types of flowers in many different colors.

4. Tree of Life

The beautiful part of this black and white tattoo is that the trunk of the tree is growing right out of the backbone. It’s a unique way of having a spine tattoo.

5. Chinese Letters

If you want a personal message that’s just for you, then try a Chinese lettering spine tattoo. The great thing about Chinese lettering is that they always look beautiful.

6. Fruit Designs

This apple design has the various forms of apples that you can buy all in a row down the spine; it’s certainly a different design.

7. From Top to Bottom

A stunning design that goes from the lower back to the neck. It’s wide on the spine and has a unique concept to it.

8. Stunning Spine Tattoo Designs

A stunning design that you are sure to love because each element is beautiful in its own way.

9. Moon Designs

These moon shapes are in different sizes as they go down the spine.

10. Spine Designs

This design is of an actual spine, and it’s truly unique. It’s one of those badass designs that people talk about.

11. Scroll Designs

A thin tattoo design that goes from top to bottom. A beautiful design that you are sure to love.

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