30+ Dazzling and Eye-Catching Swan Tattoo Designs

Today, when it comes to tattoos – there is no dearth of choice in terms of aesthetics and deeper symbolic meanings. Essentially, this means that a tattoo may have both a positive and a negative side of the same design elements. While many view the swan as a symbol of beauty and purity, it has been known to represent both the rays of the sun and the darker side of evil in many cultures, as depicted in the infamous movieĀ Black Swan.

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There are tales and folklore surrounding swans in Celtic mythology as well as Greek. According to Celtic folklore it was the swans in a pair that moved the Sun Chariot. As per Greek mythology the swans aided Apollo in crossing the heavens. What is more the swan motif has featured quite heavily in jewelry designs since 1500 BC. This tradition continues even today with both gold and crystal jewelry has many designs with the swan in the center.

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In many tribes swans signify purity, beauty, balance and elegance. Plus there are legends that swans mate for life and staying with their chosen mate for the rest of their life. Based on this legend a swan is supposed to be the perfect balance of the male and female. Tattoos that feature swans could mean many of the things that have been mentioned above. Still the person that gets swan tattoo may do it because he or she feels that it represents one or a combination of many qualities.

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Visually stunning with a graceful neck, the swan is known to portray a sense of calm and peace as it gracefully swim on water. Watching them almost gives one a sense of watching a beautiful dance. This has been so effectively portrayed in dances and ballets. The swan also represents a sense of contentment in a couple being together. Often love or romance is represented by showing a pair of swans facing each other. The curve of their beautiful neck makes a lovely heart shape. It is because of this lovely and graceful look that many dancers show their affinity for dance with a swan tattoo.

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