101 Complimentary Tattoo Designs For Couples

Are you and your partner looking to get tattoos that match? We say just go for it! Of course it is important to think before you ink couples tattoo. Make sure the design and placing of the tattoo is exactly where you want it.  But often when it comes to getting couples tattoos people deliberate for all too long. So you worry about what might happen in the future? Sure there are examples of people who have gone for it, got matching tattoos, or even the names of their partners done and then have split.

Couples tattoo are all about expressing how you feel, and if you feel like you want to shout to the world about your love, and cement it with some matching ink, then maybe that is something you will never regret. Regardless of whether you end up going your separate ways, or staying madly ridiculously in love for ever and ever, choose something that best suits you as a couple.

Tattoos are about capturing moments, expressing feelings and showing a little bit more of who you are. If you get a new tattoo to symbolise something special in your life, it can always serve as a reminder of a happy time. It can also push you to be strong, remind you of what you had and lost, inspire you to do better – so what’s not to love about that?

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Awesome couple tattoo ideas

There are many things that couples can do together as a way of expressing their love and the feelings they may be having for each other. Wearing cool tattoo designs for couples is one of the best ways as it also reveals the artistic nature of the couples.

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Couples tattoos have become increasingly popular in recent years. Many celebrities are leading the way such as Beyonce and Jay Z who have made getting inked for your loved one the new must-have accessory. Classy matching tattoos can look super cute and are an expression of how happy you are in your relationship right now.

Moreover if you find yourself thinking of your sweetheart all the time and still have that passion,desire or attraction for your partner, then a couples tattoo may be great. You should hold this feeling close to your heart and do everything possible to revel in it.

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When it comes to wearing cool designs for couples tattoo, the style and the kind of words used in the design matters a great deal. There are a lot of tattoo trends that revolve around couple tattoo designs and choosing what expresses your feelings appropriately as a couple is great.

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Amazing couple tattoo ideas

Why not put all that you feel for each other and all that you have together in the form of a special tattoo? The great thing is you can let your imagination go wild! Couples tattoos used to mean simply getting your partners name or initials etched onto your skin, perhaps inside of a heart or another romantic symbol. However nowadays we see with many couples coming in to get tattoos that they want something unique and creative.

Every couple is different and will have words, shapes, objects and memories that are special to them that can easily be turned into a fantastic tattoo. The meaning of which they can keep just for them, or choose to explain to the world. Of course getting something symbolic rather than your partners name or initials also means if you were to part ways only you would have to know you got that tattoo because of your ex.

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Best Ideas on how to personalise tattoo designs for couples:

When choosing cool designs for couple tattoo, you need a style that blends well with both of you. The heart theme of the couple tattoo design below looks magnificent and an expression of what the couple may be feeling for each other.

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Of course one of the hardest things to do once you have decided to go for couples tattoo is to decide on what you are going to get. It might be that one of you already has some really great ink, and the other simply gets a similar one. However it is important that it needs to be something that both of you are really excited about, and really love. Don’t feel pressured into getting a tattoo that matches your partners if it is not something you are keen on.

A tattoo is for life so picking a great design that is in a size you feel comfortable with is imperative to end up with a great piece of art that you can both enjoy.

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For a tattoo design to be outstanding and eye-catching, it should have some elements of uniqueness and creativity. Think about something that both of you like and find inspiring. You can then choose the elements to use that expresses it well. The symbols of lock and key used in the couple tattoo design below carries some personalised information that the couple holds dear.

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Before you wear a couples tattoo design, its appropriate that you consider if the the style is ideal for you. This is because tattoos are painful to wear and quite difficult to remove. You should also agree on the size of the tattoo that best suit both of you.

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Beautiful matching tattoos for couples

Anything that you both share a passion for equally could be used as matching designs. Remember they don’t have to be exactly the same to look great and still be obvious that they are matching. A simple symbol such as the circle is a popular choice, representing eternity this can look cool and classy. You could chose different sizes or get the tattoo done on different areas of your bodies. All you have to do is to ensure that you are both happy and thrilled with your new tattoo once it has been finished.

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Wearing marching tattoo looks spectacular on couples and expresses that element of unity and love between the couples. The colour combination in the couple tattoo design below looks fascinating and quite eye catching.

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