76 Beautiful White Ink Tattoo Ideas (No. 45 is the Best)

This diamond shape is a very popular tattoo shape. Geometric and simple it is appealing to both males and also females. After all a diamond is a girls best friend!

Star wrist

white ink tattoos-63

In the above photo you can see both the finished product as well as the inspiration behind the Converse style 5 pointed star.

Love heart ankle

white ink tattoos-64

If you feel like a tattoo but want something a little bit inconspicuous than a white ink design can be a great option for you. Particularly if you just want something small and simple.

Finger arrow

white ink tattoos-65

We love simple designs. They’re timeless, subtle and can almost just look like another fashion accessory.

Love heart finger

white ink tattoos-66

Getting the love heart design on your ring finger is becoming a popular tradition these days for young couples that get married and want to get a tattoo together as well as the traditional wedding rings. The love heart is small and will only really be noticed if you look hard enough but it will still be just enough to remind them of that special person in their life.

Pattern designs




white ink tattoos-67

It is quite popular at the moment for people to get intricate patterns done in white tattoo ink. During the day most people will not be able to see them and then at night the person can go out to a UV lit nightclub and impress people with the cool looking art that suddenly shines bright.

The lion

white ink tattoos-68

The lion is a very popular tattoo design for both males and females to get. It is considered the most dominant of the big cats and seen as a symbol for strength, wisdom and courage.

Love heart hand

white ink tattoos-69

Simple and poignant. It even works well with the cool ring. We really like this type of design.

Buddhist tattoo

white ink tattoos-70

Getting religious symbols tattooed has been popular for a very long time and still remains so today. Some of the most popular religious tattoos come from the Buddhist religion. Besides having a lot deeper meaning they also have a great aesthetic look to their symbology.

Finger tattoos

white ink tattoos-71

There’s no denying that there are some beautiful finger tattoo designs out there. A couple of things to consider when getting one are that they can rub off easier than other tattoos, particularly if like the above design they are between two fingers where you shed a lot of skin. Also remember that your boss may not appreciate them as much as you do and some times finger tattoos can be seen as job prospect killers.

The moon

white ink tattoos-72

The moon is probably the most popular tattoo to get done in white ink. The reason is that when the UV light hits your tattoo it can shine bright like a moon in the sky would.

Side of ribs


white ink tattoos-73

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