76 Beautiful White Ink Tattoo Ideas (No. 45 is the Best)

At first we weren’t quite sure what the above tattoo was actually of. At a closer look we noticed its a side on look at the persons x-ray of their spine and hips. This is the kind of tattoo that’s both very cool and potentially very scary when the UV light hits it.

Snowflake tattoo

white ink tattoos-74

Snowflake designs are very popular for skiers and snowboarders or simply anyone that loves winter time and the snow.

Paw prints

white ink tattoos-75

The hip area is considered quite a sexy area for both males and females to get tattooed. This particular tattoo however is not your typical ‘sexy’ tattoo and looks like its more just paying respect to the persons admiration of dogs.

Cross symbol


white ink tattoos-76

The cross tattoo design is likely one of the top 10 most popular tattoos of all time. It has many variations of course and this is that cross in it’s most basic form.

Lace effect


white ink tattoos- 10

One of the trending things to do amongst females in to tattoos is having a lace effect white ink tattoo. Essentially once the intricate lace style tattoo is finished it will look like the perfect mix between tattoo art and fashion.

Butterfly designs
white ink tattoos- 11Everyone’s skin reacts differently to getting tattooed. Whilst on some peoples the skin will raise a lot and on others none at all. It can also depend on the area and even the ink and needles you use to how much the tattoo will scar or raise afterwards.

Mandala back piece

white ink tattoos- 12

One of our favourite styles of designs is the mandala style. It’s very intricate, takes a long time and a lot of line work and precision but the results is absolutely beautiful.

White circles


white ink tattoos- 13

Geometric and minimalist style designs are very popular tattoo designs nowadays. It can be something as simple as a circle/square however the results on simple tattoos can often look very tasteful and timeless.



white ink tattoos- 14

Another reason that white ink tattoos have become popular in recent years is because some Hollywood celebrities have also had white ink tattoos done. One of the more famous people to recently show off her white ink tattoo was none other than Lindsay Lohan.

Infinity symbol


white ink tattoos-1

If you’re not familiar with the infinity symbol, it essentially looks like an eight on its side. Here it has been worked in to a love cursive design signifying the eternal nature of that persons love for something or someone.

Cool chest design


white ink tattoos-2

A great example of a piece directly in the center of the chest that has some cool geometric and line work. One of the outer circles of it actually resembles a lotus flower.

Cheek design


white ink tattoos-3

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