76 Beautiful White Ink Tattoo Ideas (No. 45 is the Best)

Getting your face tattooed can be a big commitment after all it is essentially going to be there for life, looking back at you in the mirror every morning. If you opt for white ink it’s more subtle and a bit less of a commitment so is becoming a bit more popular way of making a statement with younger people.

Back of the neck

white ink tattoos-4

Simple symbols and text can work really great with white ink, especially if your just after the slightly raised lettering look and want it to be subtle and beautiful.

Another face design

white ink tattoos-5

Tribal tattoo designs are also another popular one to get done in white ink, especially when that tattoo is on your face. Sometimes people will even get the tattoo done in black ink and the highlights done in white so that it looks cool normally as well as under UV ink when the tattoo completely transforms.

white ink tattoos-6

Another example of a cool looking snow flake on someones wrist.

Mandala forearm

white ink tattoos-7

A beautiful flower style mandala done in white ink.

Feather design

white ink tattoos-8

We love interesting feather tattoo designs. They’re very versatile and you can work in a lot of shapes and patterns in to them that have meaning to you to form a great looking overall shape as well.

Side of the head


white ink tattoos-9

The great thing about getting tattooed on the side of your head is that you have the option of growing your hair back over that area or shaving your head and revealing more of the tattoo.


white ink tattoos-15

Believe whatever you want to believe. A beautiful example of pretty script.

More script

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white ink tattoos-17

We love the mixture of blue and white ink on the paper planes above.

Mandala – another look

white ink tattoos-18

Here’s another close up look at this beautiful white ink mandala tattoo.

Behind the ear flower


white ink tattoos-19

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