76 Beautiful White Ink Tattoo Ideas (No. 45 is the Best)

Foreign language tattoos are very popular choices for people when they are traveling overseas and want to get a tattoo to remember the holiday or trip. Be warned though, make sure you pick somewhere safe and with good reviews.

Feather tattoo

white ink tattoos-42

Roman numerals

white ink tattoos-43

Roman numerals are another popular tattoo for people to get. They generally signify some kind of date such as the date you/someone close to you was born.

Arrow behind the ear

white ink tattoos-44


white ink tattoos-45

One of the more popular tattoo styles in recent years is the hand drawn kind of look. What we mean by that is the kind of drawings or doodles you would expect to see in a students text book.

Why is this? Sometimes people will get drawings their child did tattooed on them because they really like the artwork and it also reminds them of their child. Other reasons may include; it was in their favorite children’s book, it’s a illustration they or their friend drew. However more often than not it’s simply because they like the style and design.

Eyebrow placement

white ink tattoos-46

Deer tattoo

white ink tattoos-47

Braille design

white ink tattoos-48

Braille is a language that people who are blind use to read books. They are able to feel the raised lettering which translates in to letters and words. Because tattoos can often raise up from the skin themselves its both a very clever and very practical tattoo to get done.

All the moons

white ink tattoos-49

There are 8 cycles of the moon from full to new moon, all beautiful in their own right and here is a great tattoo of all of them down someones spine done in white tattoo ink.

Palm tattoo

white ink tattoos-50

The palm is known to be one of the more painful areas of your body to get tattooed because of all the nerve receptors that are located here. It is also and area where your tattoo will likely only last a couple of years before all of it or most of it rubs off so when choosing a tattoo here you need to take great care of it and also may need to get it redone every few years.

Crescent moon


white ink tattoos-51

As we mentioned earlier, when it comes to white ink tattoos there is none more popular than that of the moon. We also believe that the most beautifully shaped moon is the crescent moon. Whilst it is not as bright as the full moon it has a great shape and a lot of aesthetic appeal. It’s a great shape to get tattooed on your finger.

The above is also a great example of a close up of a white ink tattoo. Sometimes they can just look like a strange scar that you may have got cutting yourself on some glass, and other times they can look really beautiful and unique. Of course, they will always look better than a black ink tattoo when under UV light as well. Keep in mind though that if the person you are going out with does not know that you have a white ink tattoo sometimes it can be scary for them when it suddenly lights up in the club. Depending on what you’re going for this can either be a good or bad thing!


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