40 Zombie tattoo designs that scare to death

Though wearing zombie tattoo designs can be scaring to many people, the tattoo designs are becoming popular with many people preferring wearing the zombie tattoos that come in different styles, shapes and designs. The wearing of zombie tattoos with elements like ghosts, corpses, scary monsters, vampires to a mouth dripping with blood are common features in the zombie designs.

The involvement of zombies in the movies have led to the popularity of the zombie tatoos with many people becoming familiar with the numerous zombie tattoo designs. Even people who are into the so called mainstream or even serious movie cannot help but be drawn into a zombie flick. They have fast become the favorites especially with the young ones. It is a fact that there have been books and movies based on zombies even in the past but they were not as slickly produced as the current ones.

zombie tattoo designs (33)

The zombie tattoo design below is well designed with one colour used making them more visible. The zombie tattoo below consists of mean looking beings with very scaring faces making them create quite an attention on the wearer.

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The zombie tattoo design below looks complex with the enhanced eye decorations making the eyes to appear to be quite stunning and scaring. The different tattoo designs worn on different parts of the body send mixed perception regarding the personality of the wearer.

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The zombie tattoo design below looks horrible with the sharp nails clowing on the back of the wearer, the eyes of the zombie looks scaring with the myriad colours splashed across the tattoo design making it look more complex. The zombie tattoo below fits well on the back where its worn given the place is large enough to contain the large tattoo design.

zombie tattoo designs (21)

The zombie tattoo design below can be quite scaring looking at the ripped off face with black paint on the eyes and the neck thats only showing the skeleton. The artwork is great as the zombie features are well demonstrated on the tattoo design.

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Zombies have been defined as the undead. This means that they are not alive but not really dead either. According to the tales and fiction surrounding these rather gory but somehow fascinating creatures, they live on the brains of human beings as well as the flesh. Folklore about zombies has been around for a long time. Probably starting from the voodoo tales from the Caribbean area, these creatures have been the object of fear and fascination. It is reputed that it is very difficult to kill these creatures and the only way to get them to perish is by shooting them in the head. zombie tattoo designs (1)

Just a look at the red eyes and the protruding teeth is enough to send chills down one’s spine. The zombie tattoo though worn in the hand sends such a strong message that can scare people who come across the wearer. The green coloured face with swolen eyes that stare blankly makes the whole zombie tattoo to look sophisticated.

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The zombie tattoo design below are those kind of designs that can scare life out of someone. The entire back is filled different human zombies like the standing beings that look like ghosts staring at the people fallen down who are portrayed like crying with disfigured facial expressions. The human skulls and other features on the zombie tattoo design below are just scaring.

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When it comes to tattoos featuring zombies, one has to question why anybody would like to have a zombie tattooed on their body? Well, the answer is simple – Zombies have all the elements and components which make a great subject for tattoos.

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Zombie tattoo designs comprise of different elements and features that make them quite versatile and scaring like in the tattoo design below. The use of many colours of the zombie tattoo design below makes it to look very complex with the faces of the zombies expressing that desire for some blood.

zombie tattoo designs (35)

The zombie tattoo design below shows  an open skull on one leg with a ripped off mouth and godged eye on the other leg. The tattoos can be perceived to mean death and having them worn on the feet like in the design below can be disturbing to look at. The colours used on the tattoo has visually enhanced attention the wearer’s leg making it look great.

zombie tattoo designs (26)

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