55 Heroic American Flag Tattoos

It can be safe to say that almost everyone across the globe knows and recognizes the American flag. It is after all the symbol of one of the powerful nations in the world today. It denotes unity, freedom and liberty, which are the ideals of Americans. The flag is called by many different names; like the red, white and blue, the old glory and the stars and stripes in a loving way. People are quite attached to this symbol of American patriotism, unity and liberty.

It is due to this very sentimental and emotional attachment to the flag,  many people do get it as a tattoo.

Designs associated with the American Flag: Since the bald eagle has been chosen as the national bird of the United States, many a flag tattoo will also have the eagle in them. Some of the other designs show it flapping in the wind along with the image of a soldier or in the form of bandana. No matter what style and layout you go with,  the American Flag tattoo will have many interesting options to choose from.

The American Flag fluttering freely: This one is a simple but effective design of the American flag, which seems to denote the very essence of freedom. But it also says that any freedom comes only after a huge struggle.

american flag tattoo (13)

The bandanna having the American Flag Motif tattoo: Many veterans who have served in the army in the US tend to use bandannas with the national flag design on it to show their empathy to the nation. This same theme can be used as a tattoo design.

american flag tattoo

A soldier lost in war: This one is quite a serious and rather sad one but a fact of life that soldiers lose their lives in the war. This tattoo is dedicated to those soldiers who protect the nation so that we can live in peace.

american flag tattoo (21)

Bald Eagle along with ripped flesh flag tattoo: It is an example of ripped flesh tattoo showing the eagle using its powerful talons to break out of the flesh along with the American flag in a tattoo format. It makes a very powerful impact while still being patriotic.

american flag tattoo (22)

Bald eagle along with American Flag tattoo: The eagle is visually a beautiful creature that works well with the patriotic theme of the American Flag tattoo. The eagle can be shown  right next to the American flag in the tattoo, with the eagle done in a detailed manner.

american flag tattoo (15)

American Flag with Eagle Tattoos: As you can see the tattoo designs that have the American flag do not only denote your inner feelings of patriotism and love for the country, but also make a profound visual impact if it’s done with the addition of the eagle beside it .

american flag tattoo (24)

The simple thing that wearing the flag of your nation can make a powerful statement about your inner feelings. But the thing is to ensure that you depict it in such a way that it in no way offends the feelings of others or makes a mockery of all the noble things that a flag stands for.

Beyond that, you do consider the location of the tattoo and the size you want it to be before you add other elements to it. Once you do all this, you can be sure that you will have a tattoo that looks great, has a lot of symbolic value and means a lot to you. Here are some more interesting ideas for American Flag Tattoo:


A flag of a country symbolizes many things like the culture of the people, their nature, the citizens and defines how a person is perceived. Wearing a beautiful American flag can be a sign that expresses patriotism, culture and pride in identifying with the country.


American tattoos can be worn by both men and women and the tattoos look beautiful especially when incorporated with other tattoo designs just like the one below. The use of one color on the American tattoo design below looks quite spectacular and blends well with the complexion of the wearer.


The American flag is made of three beautiful colors that are quite attractive and blend quite well. The American tattoo design below has incorporated all the three colors in a way that looks great with the symbol of a gun clearly expressing the wearer’s feelings.


There are numerous designs that can be used to fix the American flag tattoo, as you can have the tattoo designed in a flying mode like shown below. It is however important to choose the size, shape or style that suits you well. The American tattoo design below has been worn in a place that enhances its look and that of the wearer which then creates such an eye catching outlook.


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