30 Lock And Key Tattoo Designs that will unlock your fantasies

Tattooing hav become a form of organised art with the designs shifting from the popular tattoos like the tribal tattoos to the more creative tattoos like the amazing lock and key tattoo designs. Just like the other types of tattoo designs, the lock and key tattoo emerged with the sailors over a century back and as many people got to accept the tattoos, the lock and key tattoos became popular and was done in classical colours and designs.

Some of the most intriguing and one of a kind tattoo designs can be found having the lock and key as their key design element. There are number of ways that this design has been used and each one will strike a chord in your heart, apart from being pleasing to the eye.

lock tattoo design (26)

Lock and key tattoos are intricately decorated just like in the lock and key tattoo design below that’s enriched with flowers and jewels. The design looks spectacular as it’s done in the form of human heart and the face combined all together with the lock as the key loosely hangs beside it.The colours used combines quite well making the whole design attractive.

lock tattoo design (5)

The lock and key tattoo design below looks simple and elegant. The wearer of the design looks jovial with the lock expressed in heart form with key on it. Most lock and key tattoo designs take the form of the heart where the lock is designed as the heart and the key is always adorned with images and objects that express love.

lock tattoo design (16)

Lock and key tattoo designs in most cases symbolize the desire of people to safeguard and protect their property or belongings. Wearing the lock and key tattoo is a sign that you’re protected from something that the wearer can identify with. The lock and key tattoo design below looks artistically designed and well incorporated with different features and expression of love. The colours used enhances the wearer’s outlook, making her look stunning.

lock tattoo design (18)

We all know that the invention of the lock and the key were done so that things that are precious can be locked and kept securely, only to be retrieved when required. Historically the use of a lock and key can be traced back to several thousand years. The Greeks have been credited with the invention of the lock and key. A set of lock and key has been used to keep out what we do not want outside and what we do want protected inside.

lock tattoo design (19)

Lock and key tattoos are elegantly designed with the lock designed in the form of the heart and filled with flowers and beautiful features just like in the tattoo design below. The lock and key symbol is worn just next to the actual heart with the glowing red colours and black key design making the wearer’s heart to indeed be under lock and key. The coloful flowers used and images shown makes the entire design to look quite complex.

lock tattoo design (22)

Simple and classy is the perfect word for the lock and key tattoo design below. The wearer has chosen a colour that blends well with her body complexion with the black colour of the tattoo enhancing the entire outlook of the design.

lock tattoo design (23)

When it comes to using this incredible part of our lives- the lock and the key as part of a body art design, the choices are huge. Philosophically and poetical people have known to allude to the lock as the female and the key as the male. When the right or matching ones are fitted together magical things are supposed to take place. Thereby symbolically tattoo designs with the lock and key have a lot of value and multitudinous meanings.

  • The lock and key tattoo may be designed in such a way that one limb carries the design of the lock with the keylock tattoo design (24)
  • When shown together we can depict the lock and key lying next to each other surrounded by intricately designed cask or trunk that they are supposed to be locking in place. The lock and key tattoo design below looks spectacular on the wearer’s back given the one colour used. The quotes inscribed above the tattoo looks spectacular on the shoulder where it’s worn.
  • lock tattoo design (7)
  • You can show the lock as your heart and show the key as something that will unlock the joy, wishes and secrets of the heart. The key can also have a head that is shaped like a heart. The lock and key tattoo design below shows how complex the design can be with the multiple colours used making the entire lock and key tattoo design look unique.
  • lock tattoo design (8)
  • If you are the kind that like the ripped look on tattoos, you can show the heart as if it is ripping into your very flesh to lock it up and the key can be shown hanging from a hook or knob. Lock and key tattoos can be enriched with other features like chains, jewellery and elements like the skull to make them look more complex and versatile.
  • lock tattoo design (14)

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